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  1. Out of curiosity what XDF are you using for Tuner Pro? or are you using Motronic Suite?
  2. I found this BIN, does anyone else want to take a peek at it? I also found a couple AC schematics that list M4.4 and M4.3 ECUs controlling them. They are identical! The schematics are from a 1996 850. I think this might be the BIN files that are for those schematics. The first BIN is the file that Jorgen was talking about and the second looks like it is for an 850R and or 2.3L HPT engine. 850 AWD 850R 2.3L HPT ? What do you guys think?
  3. If someone can get me the schematics for a M4.4 and an M4.3 to compare I can probably figure it out. I have actually been looking but it seems that wonderful Volvo corp has requested the resources at MVS to be taken down and I haven't had much luck finding anything. So links would be awesome.
  4. Let me know what you need flashed since I have all the cables that we need to do this at home. Perhaps we can contribute by trying out a couple of those ECUs you have at work!.
  5. Figure I would add one:found all my boost leaks that have been haunting me for a year or so. replaced all the vacuum hoses replaced the brake booster vacuum hose installed the variable intermittient wiper relay installed an 18T installed and removed the IPD HD CBV installed the IPD drop in Intercooler replaced my clutch and throwout bearing replaced the transmission oil with Royal Purple Synchromech replaced all the subframe bushings, transission mount and motor mounts replaced the distributor,rotor and sparkplugs replaced the PCV system replaced an oil cap gasket and filled it with fuel.
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