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  1. I love the I'm dumb "convenience fees" that states usually have when paying there bills online. . .

  2. Some sweet Visual Studios superhero posters I got from work after going through old software.

  3. 9:20, starting to feel tired and I haven't even got to work yet.....gonna be a long night lol.....

  4. I wonder if I should just sleep at my desk. . since I'm gonna be back here in 9 hours lol.

  5. Tomorrow: Work 6am-1pm Go home and try to nap Work 10pm-6am Should be interesting. . .

  6. 13 Assassins was a damn good movie.

  7. Flying Swords of Dragon Gate has some terrible dubbing. .it's so terrible the movie is more of a comedy than anything else.

  8. Was behind a black S60 AWD today, custom exhaust/tints. Wondering if they are on here. Weymouth/Norwell/Hanover MA area
  9. Das R is home man , only had 17's :( although had all new rubber all four corners so I wont complain .

  10. New custom vinyl from sweetgfx. [middle] Came up with the idea a couple weeks ago.
  11. exhausted. . .going to bed.

  12. Kets

    Volvo V70 T5

    Volvo V70 T5