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  1. Ran out of material. The Blue green vinyl portion was done with scraps. Plus I didn't like how it looked following the hood line all the way up;
  2. Thanks! Just finished up the hood today. So that completes the wrap job finally.
  3. Bought a pretty beat up black 850 R. The interior, was grungy, has a broken door panel, couple of broken vents and a few other issues that need attention. The exterior had some of the worst paint I've ever seen on a Volvo. I used my quarantine time to wrap it in a color shift gloss metallic blue/green vinyl from Vvivid. First time ever attempting to wrap a car, so I'm pretty damn happy with the results.
  4. replacing broken car parts.

    1. Daisy_854


      Yet if I am not mistaken, you are still replacing broken car parts. lol

    2. 300KV70AWD


      hahaha, yes very true. It is a common activity with Volvos. As, I'm sure you're finding out...lol