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  1. haha really?! that's pretty cool :P

    I'll try to remember that when it comes up ;)

  2. 850brick


    Projects on my car
  3. Just finished installing my PCV Kit! Drives like a new car! That was WWWAAAAAYYYY overdue!
  4. Dude that is exactly what I asked too! The drs there sucked. They said no one knows what causes them, most people believe it has to do with your diet, they couldn't tell me what though. I have not drank any soda or anything with carbonation for 1 year now. I drink at least one 1.5L bottle of water a day. Maybe one glass of unsweetened iced tea a day. I consider myself to be pretty healty... The only thing I can think of is lately during the holidays I have been eating A LOT of chocolate Through my own research I have found that calcium build up is a common cause. That and water f
  5. Man I just spent the whole day in ER yesterday with a kidney stone. Let me tell you guys that was the worse pain I have ever experienced!!