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  1. Burn-E

    Still alive?

    So Lee have you moved to Europe yet?
  2. Burn-E

    How Your Car Sits

    Spring is a fickle thing. Just washed them earlier in the week.
  3. Burn-E

    Still alive?

    Darnell, how’s the S80? What ever became of your daughter’s boyfriend who wanted to race you?
  4. Burn-E

    Politics On Politics.

    More like $400 Million and counting. If all he could make was a 10 fold return off that kind of capital he’s a piss poor investor. https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2018/10/02/us/politics/donald-trump-tax-schemes-fred-trump.html
  5. Burn-E

    Still alive?

    Our whole forum has been archived, that’s how long we’ve been quiet. Suspect everyone is busy and living life through text message (when’s our next meet at the garage in Antioch boys?) and FB. Hey Gabe, I spend part of my weeks up in Brookfield these days, how’s the family? We should get together for a pub night at your new beer garden that you helped design.
  6. Burn-E

    2020 Presidential Campaign

    My taxes stayed about the same dollar wise, then again I have 5 kids under 17 plus other factors put us well beyond the standard deduction so when I got done itemizing everything netted out same as previous years. My rate went up though so this change actually cost me about $1000.
  7. Burn-E

    How Your Car Sits

    Not me. The tow driver. Great guy who I will definitely call on in the future
  8. Burn-E

    How Your Car Sits

    Squeaky bearing that seemed like it was in the timing belt path - was thinking water pump - so wasn’t taking chances getting it to the shop since my travels/schedule make it impossible to spend the necessary time. Turned out to be somewhere in the serpentine belt path - not sure where yet. Gives off a real squeal that then diminishes some when it warms up.
  9. Burn-E

    What Did You Do To Your Car Today.

    Completely overhauled the rear brakes including parking brake. F this spring. Used up one of my last two cans of blue stuff.
  10. Burn-E

    How Your Car Sits

    She’s a dirty girl right now - really needs a bath - but still looks great. Driving while the S70 is up on jack stands as I overhaul the brakes.
  11. Burn-E

    242 -> 252

    This build just keeps getting better Art. Beautiful!
  12. Burn-E

    1998 S70 T5 SE Part-out

    Definitely still interested in the driver's side and passenger's side fronts assuming they are clean. Send photos and price.
  13. Burn-E

    What Did You Do To Your Car Today.

    Finally found a local clean replacement passenger fender that I picked last week. Installed this and swapped the jewel turn signal from the C70 into the S70 and installed a new one on the C70. Still need to do PDR on a couple small dents and then buff it up to be perfect. Big thanks to Daniel who found this one. Time to refresh the rear brakes on the S70 next as I discovered a sticky caliper. That’s next Saturday’s adventure. I daily the S70 and now my oldest is learning to drive with it. Just hit 135k miles. I’ve put 9k miles on the coupe since I bought from Josh 9 years ago but the bulk of that was in the first 5 years.
  14. Burn-E

    What Did You Do To Your Car Today.

    Just like all of ours.
  15. Burn-E

    Us Assault Weapon Ban **read First**

    Surprised the Parkland shooting didn't even raise a blip here. Especially with how the students are going to town on the politicians.