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  1. @gilber33Did you disassemble and spit polish those wheels like that set of white and gold with red center cap BBS's you did back in 2010? Did Katherine let them come into the house this time?
  2. This is why I quit using Tasca. While their prices were generally cheapest the shipping costs often made them just about the same price if not more expensive than FCP and IPD. I also use Volvopartswebstore which is the web catalog for Oak Park, IL Volvo so shipping from them is quick for me (their site is the best resource for me in pulling up parts diagrams and examining the componentry). If I'm heading down into the city I'll go pick up from them or I'll drop by Lisle who also have an extensive parts department.
  3. If you own a 1998-2000 S/V70 or a 1998-2005 C70 and ever swap out your ECC with another module pulled from a junk car then you need to be aware that the year of the car and year of the new module matter. I'm opening a new thread for a thread I opened back in 2013 (now archived) because I finally found the resolution and it's one of those WTF moments of looking deep into the heart of how complicated the Electronic Climate Control is and where it gets its inputs from to spin up the fan and maintain temperature. See the link below and I've recopied the description of the problem so someone else finds it if they search. Here's the solution copied from @sleddriver over at MVS and linked back to his thread. https://www.matthewsvolvosite.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=78577&p=518717#p428897 "The key was programming the ECC using my indy's Autodiagnos Volvo scanner. As previously stated, there are several features that can be adjusted. The one that solved this problem was found here: Speed Signal Note: In order for the new ECC CM to function correctly, the speed signal must be programmed. From and including production week 832, the ECC CM has been updated with a new function for the programming of the speed signal from COMBI. This is because the functionality of the COMBI has been changed. Previously COMBI had two output signals; a 12 pulsed and a 48 pulse signal. The new COMBI will only have a 12 pulsed speed signal. Therefore the ECC CM is connected to the 12 pulsed signal. The new ECC CM replace the older versions and can be installed both new & older cars. To obtain the correct functionality, the new ECC CM must be programmed for the correct type of speed signal. The new COMBI has the text "MAX" instead of a digit at the max. fuel level in the fuel gauge. On older COMBI the ECC CM must be programmed for 48 pulses. On new, they must use 12 pulses. When I entered programming mode, the ECC reported it was set to a speed signal of 12 pulses. I changed it to 48 pulses. After driving off, I noticed that I could now manually set both the air temp and cabin blower speed and the later would remain CONSTANT regardless of vehicle speed." So essentially here's the way it works: Model: 1998 ECC: 1998 (no change necessary) ECC: 1999+ need to change the ECC CM to 48 pulses Model 1999+ ECC: 1998 need to change the ECC CM to 12 pulses ECC: 1999+ (no change necessary) Symptoms if the ECC don't match as described above and the settings are not changed: Blower motor slows down or even cuts off once the car accelerates to 35-40 MPH / ~2000 RPM. Once the car slows to below 1000 RPM the fan starts to spin back up and comes to full speed once the car comes to a complete stop. The fan still blows some air so it's not completely off - usually. I'm fully aware that the AC spins down / cuts off when the car goes into boost / accelerates beyond ~3000 RPM - the AC is not on in this scenario. Settings when this happens: 1. Set the ECC fan switch to full (all the way to the right) or to Auto (all the way to left) - really any setting besides 0 but it's most noticeable when the blower is running full. 2. Set the temp switch for both driver and passenger side to anything above cold (fully turned down to the blue) or full hot (turned to red) 3. Set air circulation to outside air Settings when this doesn't happen: 1. When temp switch is to cold (fully turned down to the blue) or to hot (fully turned up to the red) or 2. When air circulation is set to recirculate internal air or 3. The defrost mode is turned on for the front blower
  4. What LEDs would you recommend? I've looked at various options. Haven't pulled the trigger yet. Yes, dropping LEDs in is an option I'm seriously considering because I'm the asshole with HIDs in jewels though to be fair it was that way when I bought the coupe and I almost never drive it at night. But I do drive the S70 which has a set of halogens in stock housings and while I found a pair of pristine stock housing earlier this year in my last pick-n-pull run, I'm looking to produce better light.
  5. By my recollection they're plastic welded although looking closer they could be glued. If glued you need to heat the adhesive in the oven at a temperature warm enough to loosen the adhesive but not so hot as to melt the plastic.
  6. Yeah, I saw your FB post. How do you like them? Going to produce a limited run of brackets? Or can someone maybe produce on demand? Did you wind up acquiring that second set of Ohlins from the guy in Portugal?
  7. Who do we have? Mike @flyfishing3, George, and occasionally Adam @Oreo931? Daniel @(n)A-GAME rarely drops in and that's about it. Maybe we need some new mods? And I'm not volunteering just suggesting.
  8. I have jewels running the HIDs so I'll drop a standard set of sockets in place and see what I think. I don't have the patience to build a new set of projector retrofits right now.
  9. S70: Installed a new IPD poly upper engine torque mount bushing and replaced the gasket on the oil cap. No vibration but a definite improvement as the OEM bushing was ready to go. About to do some more overhaul of the engine bay with a new CBV, coolant reservoir + silicone hoses, new silicone hoses for the TCV and then on to replacing the front brake lines with new SS lines and figure out why the passenger side is occasionally pulsing on brake.
  10. How much does that thing weigh? I have a 1985 Schwinn LeTour (my first real road bike I bought with paper route money when I was 14) that is begging for a restoration but I don't know if I can bring myself to ride a 26 lb beast when I can lose 10 lbs just by pulling my Trek off the wall in the garage.
  11. So what's your take? If I want the best light possible out of a P80 without going the route of custom building projectors, are e-codes really where it's at? Because I've grown tired of the HIDs in the C70 and am looking to replace. Not that I drive it very often in the dark these days anyway but it seems JRL swore by the e-codes with his aging eyes. Are you running halogens in the fixtures or something different?
  12. @JoshV70 do you have e-codes on there along with the Euro clear turn signals?
  13. Pics or GTFO 🤣 @flyfishing3 the guy on LinkedIn runs a window washing business. I mean seriously? I guess I’ve been spending so much time in Australia lately where they kind of give you a funny look if you don’t have a tattoo.
  14. Because @flyfishing3 (Mike) has a thing about tattoos. Did this guy steal his idea from you and then publish it on LinkedIn?
  15. 😂 Biden isn’t done. Not even close