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  1. Pics or GTFO 🤣 @flyfishing3 the guy on LinkedIn runs a window washing business. I mean seriously? I guess I’ve been spending so much time in Australia lately where they kind of give you a funny look if you don’t have a tattoo.
  2. Because @flyfishing3 (Mike) has a thing about tattoos. Did this guy steal his idea from you and then publish it on LinkedIn?
  3. 😂 Biden isn’t done. Not even close
  4. Post rear suspension and control arm replacement. Finally got rid of the rake.
  5. Finally got around to sorting out the rear end. Even went so far as to replace the upper spring seats since I don’t intend to touch these again for 50k+ miles and I wanted to replace any original components that could cause real trouble with rust in the future. Sheared 3 of the 4 upper strut bolts and was happy to get rid of this rusty mess.
  6. If they came by my house this week there would be a similar photo of my garage.🤣 I encountered the Google Prius earlier this summer while exiting our subdivision. and wondered whether it was recording...,
  7. I travel frequently and spend time across Europe including the UK and Sweden. I don’t know what kind of places your cousins are hanging out in but unless you’re planning on starting a fight with someone or importing illegal material you’ll be as safe there as you are here.
  8. Actually that’s not a whole head unit Kevin. It’s a software upgrade plus a connector and wheel to control the unit. Steve what other systems do you recommend? I’ve heard similar comments about Navtool just seemed an example.
  9. Artifact from long ago rivalry between site ownership. Chuck didn’t want to send links over to MVS and wanted to ensure we built the data repository here.
  10. Steve’s right. I can put CarPlay into my 2009 Honda Odyssey. There’s no question it can be done with a 2017 Volvo V60. An example: https://www.navtool.com/volvo-v60-2015-2018-apple-carplay.aspx
  11. I think you’re probably right and I plan to do that tomorrow. It likely has some odd back story of parts supply and naming conventions.
  12. Which is why I asked the question. There’s a nuance I want to understand why it is classified as 4WD. More for curiosity sake than anything but to also understand what car it originally came from.
  13. Are there two different 9162675 ABS units for 98 P80s? Experienced a remaned ABS module fail on the 98 S70 T5 (was expecting this, was done by someone other than Matt at Midwest ABS - by a prior owner) and went picking to find a pristine / unmolested unit. This is so that when the new one fails I can send it to Matt in good conscience. There were two 98 V70s in the yard, an NA and a GLT. The NA had a “4WD unit” in it. Did this come out of an R / AWD unit originally? See attached photo. Any reason I can’t use it for either of my two P80s? (C70 HPT and S70 T5)?
  14. So Lee have you moved to Europe yet?