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  1. @gilber33Did you disassemble and spit polish those wheels like that set of white and gold with red center cap BBS's you did back in 2010? Did Katherine let them come into the house this time?
  2. What LEDs would you recommend? I've looked at various options. Haven't pulled the trigger yet. Yes, dropping LEDs in is an option I'm seriously considering because I'm the asshole with HIDs in jewels though to be fair it was that way when I bought the coupe and I almost never drive it at night. But I do drive the S70 which has a set of halogens in stock housings and while I found a pair of pristine stock housing earlier this year in my last pick-n-pull run, I'm looking to produce better light.
  3. Yeah, I saw your FB post. How do you like them? Going to produce a limited run of brackets? Or can someone maybe produce on demand? Did you wind up acquiring that second set of Ohlins from the guy in Portugal?
  4. I have jewels running the HIDs so I'll drop a standard set of sockets in place and see what I think. I don't have the patience to build a new set of projector retrofits right now.
  5. S70: Installed a new IPD poly upper engine torque mount bushing and replaced the gasket on the oil cap. No vibration but a definite improvement as the OEM bushing was ready to go. About to do some more overhaul of the engine bay with a new CBV, coolant reservoir + silicone hoses, new silicone hoses for the TCV and then on to replacing the front brake lines with new SS lines and figure out why the passenger side is occasionally pulsing on brake.
  6. How much does that thing weigh? I have a 1985 Schwinn LeTour (my first real road bike I bought with paper route money when I was 14) that is begging for a restoration but I don't know if I can bring myself to ride a 26 lb beast when I can lose 10 lbs just by pulling my Trek off the wall in the garage.
  7. So what's your take? If I want the best light possible out of a P80 without going the route of custom building projectors, are e-codes really where it's at? Because I've grown tired of the HIDs in the C70 and am looking to replace. Not that I drive it very often in the dark these days anyway but it seems JRL swore by the e-codes with his aging eyes. Are you running halogens in the fixtures or something different?
  8. @JoshV70 do you have e-codes on there along with the Euro clear turn signals?
  9. Pics or GTFO 🤣 @flyfishing3 the guy on LinkedIn runs a window washing business. I mean seriously? I guess I’ve been spending so much time in Australia lately where they kind of give you a funny look if you don’t have a tattoo.
  10. Because @flyfishing3 (Mike) has a thing about tattoos. Did this guy steal his idea from you and then publish it on LinkedIn?
  11. 😂 Biden isn’t done. Not even close
  12. Post rear suspension and control arm replacement. Finally got rid of the rake.
  13. Finally got around to sorting out the rear end. Even went so far as to replace the upper spring seats since I don’t intend to touch these again for 50k+ miles and I wanted to replace any original components that could cause real trouble with rust in the future. Sheared 3 of the 4 upper strut bolts and was happy to get rid of this rusty mess.
  14. If they came by my house this week there would be a similar photo of my garage.🤣 I encountered the Google Prius earlier this summer while exiting our subdivision. and wondered whether it was recording...,
  15. I travel frequently and spend time across Europe including the UK and Sweden. I don’t know what kind of places your cousins are hanging out in but unless you’re planning on starting a fight with someone or importing illegal material you’ll be as safe there as you are here.
  16. Spring is a fickle thing. Just washed them earlier in the week.
  17. More like $400 Million and counting. If all he could make was a 10 fold return off that kind of capital he’s a piss poor investor. https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2018/10/02/us/politics/donald-trump-tax-schemes-fred-trump.html
  18. My taxes stayed about the same dollar wise, then again I have 5 kids under 17 plus other factors put us well beyond the standard deduction so when I got done itemizing everything netted out same as previous years. My rate went up though so this change actually cost me about $1000.
  19. Not me. The tow driver. Great guy who I will definitely call on in the future
  20. Squeaky bearing that seemed like it was in the timing belt path - was thinking water pump - so wasn’t taking chances getting it to the shop since my travels/schedule make it impossible to spend the necessary time. Turned out to be somewhere in the serpentine belt path - not sure where yet. Gives off a real squeal that then diminishes some when it warms up.
  21. Completely overhauled the rear brakes including parking brake. F this spring. Used up one of my last two cans of blue stuff.
  22. She’s a dirty girl right now - really needs a bath - but still looks great. Driving while the S70 is up on jack stands as I overhaul the brakes.
  23. Definitely still interested in the driver's side and passenger's side fronts assuming they are clean. Send photos and price.
  24. Finally found a local clean replacement passenger fender that I picked last week. Installed this and swapped the jewel turn signal from the C70 into the S70 and installed a new one on the C70. Still need to do PDR on a couple small dents and then buff it up to be perfect. Big thanks to Daniel who found this one. Time to refresh the rear brakes on the S70 next as I discovered a sticky caliper. That’s next Saturday’s adventure. I daily the S70 and now my oldest is learning to drive with it. Just hit 135k miles. I’ve put 9k miles on the coupe since I bought from Josh 9 years ago but the bulk of that was in the first 5 years.