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  1. Yeah, that’s a good call out on the mesh/fabric. I’ll figure out a strengthening approach when I pull the fender later this week.
  2. So my 17 year old had a nice little fender bender (literally - and not her fault - you should see the poor 2017 3 series the other teenager was driving) this weekend in the 98 S70 T5 and I’m assessing what parts I need to pull from a junkyard 98 V70 in the same color. As you can see the drivers side fender and turn signal will need replacing. And I’m going pull the bumper cover (because the grandpa who previously owned this car drove by feel and then rollered on - I’m not kidding - the matching 601 Signal Red paint). So the bumper was a mess before and worth replacing. But what about this radiator support? Cracked on the bottom drivers side but looks like it could easily be JB Welded back on. Is it worth the pain of pulling the entire front end off - several hours in the junkyard and at home - in order to replace this? Or is the consensus that the support point which just bolts to the fender is largely for supporting the fender? Last image below just to show the component involved in all its glory - not mine. I get it takes some of the impact in the result of a collision and did it’s job but am trying to weight the costs/benefit of the effort.
  3. New Meyle HD control arms and tie rods for the S70. Hate when these 30 min jobs turn into 2 hour struggles because rust. Such a night and day difference between my last S70 which spent the first 60k miles in the garage and rarely driven in the winter and this one with 70k miles which was driven regularly the last 20k over the last 4 years and parked outside. Both Chicago cars. Nothing a torch and impact driver couldn’t eventually resolve but still…
  4. Finally got the key fob remote from the previous owner and used my remaining new case to have a fully functional key fob for the new S70. Question, I have 2 spare remotes left over from previous S70s (all 98s) and would love to reprogram one of them to mate to this new S70 so I can give one to my daughter who is the other primary driver of the car. If I recall correctly I need someone with the ability to unlock the VGLA module and then pair it with the remote. Do I just need someone with VADIS / VIDA or is this a dealer only effort for a 98? Found this post, sounds like I need the PIN from the dealer:
  5. Today I learned that there are apparently two different brass brackets that attach the electric antenna module to the rear trunk panel of the car. Every S70 I worked until now the antenna exited perpendicular to the rear quarter panel of the car. The bracket for it looks like this: And the antenna looks like this: But apparently there’s another setup where the bracket lacks the hole in the middle that water evacuation tube goes through and instead is triangular and forces you to flip the antenna module around. It also means the antenna sits at something like an 80° angle toward the rear as it exits the hole in the quarter panel. Had me totally flummoxed as I kept flipping around the bracket trying to figure out how to attach it so the antenna would be perpendicular. When I finally found a picture of the bracket with the hole in the middle - which I had forgotten about I realized they were different. The nut secures the antenna to the top of the quarter panel also has an angle to it. And to prove it’s not a fluke here’s another S70 with same setup: I never realized this and genuinely curious on the rationale because I can’t find a product break / model year and all 3 of the S70s I’ve owned were/are 98s and two were T5s.
  6. Yeah that’s where I sourced my set originally. There are a bunch of aftermarket vendors over seas just need to figure out if any actually have heated mirrors.
  7. Another box with FCP blue tape on it. I started putting together another order yesterday but decided to go dig around in the boxes of parts in my basement and realized I had most of the parts I needed.. Maybe some of you maintain an Excel spreadsheet of your parts but I completely forgot about some of the components I purchased and then shelved because I solved the issue before installing all of them. Need help: Anyone have a hard plastic license plate cover they’ve successfully installed? The OEM plate holder doesn’t play nice with Weathertech and similar plate protectors that I’ve looked at. Also need to track down a matched set of wide angle / aspherical mirrors since they wouldn’t let me swap out the pair from the old T5 before I signed over the title.
  8. Seriously, the wagon I had hoped to pull a couple parts from someone had stuffed the rear with all kinds of parts from who knows what. I was tempted to dig through to see if a particular component I was looking for was in there but it was piled almost to the ceiling. It was the last car on the row though so it had been there for a few months.
  9. Gabe great work as always. What was the objective in eliminating the ABS? Is the OEM system just problematic or were you looking to reduce weight, improve reliability, make drifting more enjoyable? Ah scrolled back to your response earlier. Makes sense.
  10. I’m pulling the door cards in the near future and will check it out when I do. The sound is dramatically better than the old T5 which had just the standard setup but not nearly as warm and clean as the Dynaudio setup in my C70. If it is the full Dynaudio system then that truly is a rare install for an S70.
  11. My math appears to be off by 1 year but he’s definitely in the Old Man Crew now. The owner told me Grandma ordered the car fully spec’d which included the SC-900 and factory Dolby unit with center speaker but for whatever reason she elected not to install wood grain trim. But, I still have mint in the box NOS black walnut trim that Will sold me years ago when I was contemplating swapping out the black trim from my last T5. So we’ll see if that gets installed in this car.
  12. Is this a scenario where to get him to appear I need to build a pyre of burning Saab parts and declare the words Fudge Brownie 3 times while spinning around like a dervish? His 50th birthday is coming up on Jan 15th maybe he needs a visit from the ghosts of Volvospeed past? I believe their names are: R Bumper, Pegs, and HIDz
  13. So I got bit hard by the road bike bug early in the pandemic and it’s been a swirling mass of N+1 since. The Madone was beautifully light but I wanted something light that could accommodate wider tires and disc brakes for gravel and trails when called for - this led to the 2020 Domane SL6 that I fortunately snapped up before the bike supply chain completely dried up. This was an important addition because when I added a Kickr trainer for winter riding I quickly learned that the Madone was not built for the stresses of trainer riding. So I cleaned up the Domane, transitioned to waxing the chain and it became my full time training bike. Then in early March 2021 I took a spill, cracked a couple ribs and learned that carbon and aluminum aren’t the strongest join points for the rear dropout. Rather than being without a bike for 6 weeks minimum waiting on a repair / pulling the Domane off the trainer when I was still spending most days indoors riding, I picked up a mint 2018 Emonda SLR 9 which quickly became the primary road bike as I found there weren’t as many opportunities for trail / gravel riding as I anticipated. So that’s the fleet and where all of my energy (and spare cash) has been focused the last couple of years until my daughter’s accident pulled me back into working on Volvos. Mike knows all this because we swap updates regularly for indoor Zwift and outdoor rides. Some day we’ll do RAGBRAI together, right Mike? 😄
  14. Who has the juice to de-archive a thread if not you Mike? I mean other than Chuck obviously.
  15. Installed new headlight and windshield wipers on the S70. Previous owner, who is an old school Volvo Amazon guy, told me “Headlight wipers are ridiculous so we never swapped them out.” 😭 Need new headlight arms because this attitude broke the water jets on each. Installed a new OEM gas cap and boom 💥 no more CEL for EFI-611, 614 and 315. Probably will still need to swap out the canister purge valve at some point. installed a new auto trans shifter bulb and in the process cracked the coin tray clasps that hold it in place. Fortunately my LKQ run surfaced a new one, a spare blower motor and a pair of clean side markers among other odds and ends. But I will say I HATE how some people just trash cars and leave doors open when picking parts so the weather trashes the interior if you’re not there day 1. Real work starts once I can get the car in the garage and out of the cold.
  16. Here it is: http://volvospeed.com/vs_forum/topic/114248-official-cl-finds/
  17. Another example almost identical to mine just popped up in Iowa https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/435683501544282/ Red on tan S70 T5 with 70k miles. Maybe time to restart the CL thread as a FB Market thread. This was the first listing I encountered this morning. All right let’s do this. Can a Mod de-archive the CL listing thread in the R Forum?
  18. That is literally how I found it but it was FB marketplace not CL. My daughter asked to see photos of an S70 GLT that was definitely NOT at all in the condition it claimed - I only learned this after a 3 hour road-trip - and when I pulled up FB marketplace for the Chicago area (500 mile radius) this red T5 had just been posted 37 minutes earlier. I aggressively reached out to the seller proclaiming interest and my cred as a Volvo enthusiast. Since I was the first to contact him directly and made it clear I would be easy to work with he gave me first dibs and we arranged to meet. I was the used P80 searcher for Volvospeed back in 2009-2015. My friends and family jokingly call me AskAlain.com because I have a knack for finding things online. I fine tuned search algorithms using Autotempest, eBay, Cars.com and Autotrader and built relationships with many other enthusiasts who were always checking out P80s being sold in the used market. Constantly visiting the various Volvo forum classifieds as well to see who was considering selling. But I’ve been out of the game for at least 4 years until my daughter smashed our last T5 last week. Then I turned my search engine efforts back to 11 and any idle moment I was digging through ads. What I’ve found is that since CL now charges $5 for auto listings the vast majority of P80 private seller ads have migrated to FB Marketplace which is harder to search nationally by algorithm. And I actively participate in every P80 Volvo related FB group and related marketplaces. What I’ve listed above are the primary tools. The key is actively searching morning, midday and evening. Luck favors those who are seriously searching.
  19. Bought this today. Overall it’s in exceptional shape with only 68k miles on it which is crazy for a 98 these days and it was fully optioned when ordered. Most amazing is the window switches are original and clean as the day they were installed. Single owner car well maintained by the best Volvo Indies in the area. But the paint’s a mess in several places because the owner’s husband decided to try to paint over scratches with a small paint brush. I didn’t really want red but it wasn’t that important. Bumpers and hood need to be resprayed and there are decent sized dents in the rear corners below the tail lights - is it possible to hammer those out? Also need to remove the stupid dealer pinstripes and aged door edge protectors. Never owned a Volvo with single stage paint - what am I in for to keep it glossy and not faded? I don’t want to have to wax this thing every few weeks. Steering wheel leather needs to be sorted or probably just order a Redline wrap - they’re still doing good work right? Need a new auto trans lever boot also. Front seats need some treatment - may replace the skin of the drivers side. Rear driver’s door card insert has busted out and needs to be pulled and reupholstered. Nobody out there has Oak R door cards by any chance? Needs a new antenna and new spring seats / strut mounts.
  20. No air bags went off so it really was low impact and everyone walked away unscathed. But the driver’s side of the frame is bent. If it was just the front clip including the intercooler and radiator I would have repaired it. I have spare fenders, headlights, and the hood would be easy to source. But the front of the frame got smashed in as well. I found another low mileage S70 T5 this afternoon and will look it over next week. Looks like a good next addition to the stable. Almost had my hands on a mint Olive S70 AWD last week but the guy was writing up the paperwork when I called.
  21. Well this is what happens when the oldest comes home from her first semester away at university and finds her driving skills are rusty. Lowered sedan bumper fails to meet higher Nissan Rogue and that’s all she wrote on this poor car in what was a low speed impact. Now searching for another Volvo to replace it. Likely pick up another p80 sedan or wagon for the girls until used car prices come back to earth.
  22. @gilber33Did you disassemble and spit polish those wheels like that set of white and gold with red center cap BBS's you did back in 2010? Did Katherine let them come into the house this time?
  23. What LEDs would you recommend? I've looked at various options. Haven't pulled the trigger yet. Yes, dropping LEDs in is an option I'm seriously considering because I'm the asshole with HIDs in jewels though to be fair it was that way when I bought the coupe and I almost never drive it at night. But I do drive the S70 which has a set of halogens in stock housings and while I found a pair of pristine stock housing earlier this year in my last pick-n-pull run, I'm looking to produce better light.
  24. Yeah, I saw your FB post. How do you like them? Going to produce a limited run of brackets? Or can someone maybe produce on demand? Did you wind up acquiring that second set of Ohlins from the guy in Portugal?
  25. I have jewels running the HIDs so I'll drop a standard set of sockets in place and see what I think. I don't have the patience to build a new set of projector retrofits right now.