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  1. Oh, no question. Since mine is debadged except for the front grille people often ask if it's a GTO if they haven't seen the front end. Of note in this particular case the big difference between that GTO and my car is about 1000 HP. That car is a phenomenal beast.
  2. MWC had a little meetup yesterday and quite a few bricks showed up. Good food, good fun and possibly Justus finished installing his cat back exhaust.
  3. Oh, no question: crank, derailleur, brakes, stem, handle bars, seat post, wheels, kickstand, pedals. But then it would no longer be a $40 bike off CL unless you have all these in lightweight components just lying around in a box. The bike will last forever but it still weighs a ton. I still have a Schwinn LeTour in the basement that I bought when I was 14 and rode that thing thousands of miles including some treks through the Green Mountains with 10000 feet of elevation in a day's ride. It's still in perfect shape.
  4. Led a bike clinic with a group of 12-14 year old girls (friends of my daughters) at our church prior to a bike ride they had planned. One of the group' leaders brought this Schwinn Continental. I haven't seen one of these in decades as my best friend's older brother got one for Christmas in 1978. I went to pick it up and all the nostalgia disappeared. Who rides a 40 lb bike today?
  5. What else did you do in Moab if you weren't on a MTB? I mean hiking and exploring are great and all but you were in the kingdom of the mountain bike.
  6. It's a rumor that you're ever really done with a car. Looks great though.
  7. I thought you had ditched all the Volvos for an Audi and I don't recall what? Wasn't there a red block at one time that was the project car? How long until the R and the 850 get replaced? Never mind, I read back and found the history on the other cars. But what happened to the red block?
  8. Think about it. Mooch sells his business to join Trump and in 10 days he: Joins the White House Gives a drunk interview Becomes a father but misses the birth Has his wife file divorce Gets the "You're fired treatment" for outshining the chief of crazy All before he's actually even on the job officially Trump should be considered the opposite of King Midas for how he wrecks people's lives.
  9. I'd vote for him. But he probably has to make Senator first. The last Congressman directly elected to President was James Garfield. I think Cory Booker is a similar younger face of the future. Anyone out of the Republican Party who wants to maintain credibility probably has to come out of a non Washington job. The current crop are largely tainted and leaning alt-right. But you know, given the mindset of today's voters, Florida Man probably has just as much of a shot at it.
  10. Doesn't matter. At some point you still are going to get a puncture that has to be sealed and the tire needs to be refilled.
  11. We can't all be you though Mike.
  12. What CO2 inflator do you use Mike? How do you handle shaping the tube before slipping It onto the wheel to avoid pinches?
  13. Recommendation on pumps? I have a fantastic floor pump from Joe Blow for which I recently upgraded the hose so no worries there. I need something packable (ideally pocket but possibly seat bag). Definitely not frame fit. I realize that means I'm going the route of a small pump that will be a struggle to fill the tube. I have a Lezyne Control Drive CO2 inflator with 25g cartridge. But there's always that issue of putting just enough air in the tube before fitting to the wheel to ensure it doesn't pinch. Does anyone else carry CO2 and a pump? If not how do you approach flats on the ride besides calling your wife to come pick you up?
  14. Flickr or if you don't care about quality of photos then Google Photo.
  15. What Travis said about Moab. Slickrock is where everyone goes. I spend a fair amount of time in Utah and ride each Summer. Southern Utah is where most everyone goes for the canyons and trails. But it gets BUSY in the Summer. There are some great trails down outside of St George / Hurricane and around Zion National Park if you want to get away from the crowds (outside of Zion not in Zion). It's hot and dry so be prepared to carry more water than you usually would. Most of the ski slopes have mountain bike trails on them and will allow you to buy lift tickets and ride up and down all day which can be a new kind of challenging run if you haven't tackled something like that before. Lots of good trails up in the mountains around Salt Lake City and Bountiful as well as down in Provo Canyon as well. Take a look at mtbproject.com and you'll get a good feel for various areas. I love riding up in the Uintas, Cottonwood Canyons, Park City.
  16. Well, I'm sure you'll get over it.
  17. But the city is named after Sam Hew-ston and the street is named after William House-ton (who was from Georgia but married a NY political scion). Ironically, William was famous well before Sam gained his acclaim. Yes, I know, nobody cares. Neither do I really. It's just funny how often I hear people go off about how stupid New Yorkers are on this topic.
  18. These two douche bags: Always ask yourself how does this decision benefit Trump's family first, his businesses second, his donors third, Russia fourth, and the rest of the world last.
  19. Trump's attention span is too short to carry on a war. That's a one and done security theater action that blew up a few outhouses to attempt to claim the moral high ground.