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  1. You could do it on a 16t too. And...?
  2. Good work guys, scare off a new member with an R. Well done. :rolleyes:
  3. LOL Close, but there's not enough radiation warnings! Needs a coffee can of U-238 :)
  4. I dunno, it doesn't look at good as I thought it would. Tell you what, send it over here for a week or three when it's done, I'll see if I can't pretty it up some more. :ph34r:
  5. repost or not, that's awesome.
  6. Don't you mean: Republican = dumb people Democrats = delusional dumb people ?
  7. I wasn't saying ADD==retarded, I was saying that the monkey was not only retarded, but also had ADHD. And richest? Maybe overall -- per capita, there are richer countries. Most powerful? Yea, you havn't read any international news lately, have ya?
  8. Welcome to the wonderful world of America, where the general population is not only dumb enough to spawn & support the American car industry and the SUV trend, but where they also will elect into power something dumber than the average chimpanzee. We're talking about a populace with the average intelligence & attention span of a brain-damaged mentally retarted monkey with ADHD after smoking a reefer. It's so sad to see a country with such potenital be wasted by such a populace.
  9. The American news media practices corporate censorship. I don't think that should be a surprise to anyone. Those who care get their news elsewhere (hint: BBC streams online, amongst other major international news networks). nogoat: you don't want to live in Canadia. It's full of Canucks and wanna-be-Frenchmen. Trust me on this.. Australia is where it's at. Oh yea.
  10. To quote the great Bill Hicks: "I, ah...this abortion issue in the States is dividing the country right in half. You know, and even amongst my friends - we're all highly intelligent - they're totally divided on the issue of abortion. Totally divided. Some of my friends think these pro-life people are just annoying idiots. Other of my friends think these pro-life people are evil monkeys. How are we gonna have a consensus? I'm torn. I try and take the broad view and think of them as evil, annoying monkeys." (Thanks Charles that didn't say "monkeys" originally.)
  11. That's a negative, ghostrider. There is no innocence, only humanity. We're just trying to save the world one dead fetus at a time.
  12. Um... you need to be 21 for handguns & handgun ammo in CA (fuckin' hippies)
  13. It jives pretty well with my observations both here in San Luis (full of Christian/Republican right-wing loonies) and Los Angeles (normal people & democrats, with a growing loonie population). And I think any observations made in Santa Cruz are going to be biased ;)
  14. They should be more strict, all around. Hopefully this will keep people like that C70kid of the streets (I don't mean the young'un who's been dying for a C70 &etc. He passes mustard. I mean the idiot that wrecked his car racing in bad weather with his gf in the car, and then blew the motor on a new BMW.)
  15. Naw man, I'm 100% serious 110% of the time, like a fat man with a heart attack.
  16. Micheal Moore taught me that you're an idiot. :rolleyes:
  17. I have 2 words for ya: "Socialized Healthcare".
  18. http://hosted.ap.org/dynamic/stories/T/TX_...EMPLATE=DEFAULT
  19. I'm not seeing where you get your lessons from, sorry. And this is the politcal forum, no such thing as out of hand. BTW, that wasn't a joke. I shudder in fear when I think about the ongoing intellectual stagnation this country is enduring. There's alot of people who havn't developed past childhood intellectually or emotionally. The fact that we need someone to hold our hands and warn us that hot coffee is in fact hot is a prime example of this. I don't trust most of America with anything more dangerous than small bits of string, and come to think of it, there are people I wouldn't even trust with that. As an aside, is anyone else bothered with the arrogance of US citizens calling themselves "Americans" and acting as though the word is theirs exclusively? Maybe this just comes from spending too much time outside the US and in the rest of Americas, but we norteamericanos are hardly the only Americans. Quite a few people I was friends with living in Mexico City raised that point, and I've heard others voice similar thoughts when I was travelling in the southern cone.
  20. I don't think I at any point said I was not American. I don't see anything that resembles that claim in the post you just quoted, nor have I noted a similar claim in any of my other posts. I did indeed write what you quoted -- show me where it says I'm not American.
  21. Oh snap! My bad. Sorry guys, I guess I'm a darn Frenchie now. I'll try and be appropriately jealous of you high-flying Americans and your incredible country.
  22. I'm not American? I was born in Santa Monica (a city in CALIFORNIA), grew up in Los Angeles (again, CALIFORNIA), and currently live in San Luis Obispo (guess what? CALIFORNIA!). Sorry, I'm American. Seriously... this is ridiculous.
  23. I've spent quite a bit of time outside the US, mainly in Central/South America.. and let me tell you, my experience has been that people don't really envy americans. Some places yes, most places are too busy doing their own thing to care either way. Most everyone I've met/talked to from Europe couldn't be considered envious by far. The closest I've seen is envy about our standard of living, but I've noticed most of the people I know from outside the US think Americans are pretty silly on the whole. I wouldn't call it jealous by a long shot.
  24. I would hope not. The few Canucks I know actually have something of a sense of humor. They're not comedians, mind you, but they can laugh at a good joke. And there is a HUGE difference between having laws, and having pointless and inane laws. Unfortunately, this is a lesson lawmakers the word over have refused to learn. "I do not think this word means what you think it to mean." Either that, or this must be some strange use of "jealous" that I was previously unaware of. (You fail your spelling test, btw.) I can see the conversations now..."gee, those lucky Americans, they have hours of gridlock and ridiculously overbearing laws regarding their vehicles or being able to build on property that has been in their family since the 1920s. They are so lucky. I wish I couldn't build a house on land given to me by my grandfather!" or "Those spoiled Americans, thinking their government really is responsible for safeguarding their rights and silly things like their 'Constitution'. Pfft. I'm glad I'm not American." But hey, maybe I'm just bitter from dealing with the government here in California (not Canada, for those keeping score -- it's part of the Continental US, just below Oregon and just to the west of Arizona and Nevada).
  25. I love the American insistance on regulating what other people can and can't do. monkeytards, all of them.