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  1. I might be selling my Ipd springs, I don't need 'em right now I'm trying to buy coilovers this summer anyway
  2. I'm pretty sure a half retarded monkey could win Touring Sedan with the Miller's Evo! Thing is a work of art!
  3. There was a black guy driving a wrx wagon it looked silver
  4. Downpipe is on and sounding ridiculously loud Haha and I'm at the exhaust shop waiting for the 3 inch catback to get installed
  5. Well in that case lol, ill have a little surprise at ipd let's just say my car will go loud
  6. Is it about time someone made an ipd thread?
  7. Do you stay the night on Sunday? How long is the drive?
  8. I think davis is a little too far for me
  9. I don't think it's too early to start thinking about Ipd is it? Well I just sent in my entry email, I'm so excited for this year's show