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  1. Lentine850

    Volvo 850 Turbo Wagon

    Volvo 850 Turbo Wagon
  2. Lentine850

    Introducing Myself...

    Hello everyone, Earlier today I became the proud owner of a 1996 850 Wagon Platinum Edition. It has about 170,000 miles on it. I also sold my '85 Alfa Romeo Spider today, and used that cash to buy the Volvo for $3,000. I absolutely LOVE this car. I'm a 20 year old college student in Georgia, and got the Alfa sort of on an impulse because i thought it was a beautiful car, not realizing how impractical it was. I FINALLY got it sold and it is so refreshing to have a full size modern car again. I love the way the Volvo drives, all of its features, and the way it looks. My dad has a 1994 960, I've been driving that to and from school, and it didn't exactly turn me on to Volvo's..it doesn't drive anything like my 850, but I cut it some slack because it doesn't have a turbo. But anyways, I just wanted to share my excitement with everyone. Going to get it registered and insured in the morning and then after a thorough cleaning and detail, I will take and post some pictures!
  3. Lentine850

    1996 850 Turbo Platinum Edition