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  1. When are you planning on doing it, or has it already occurred? (posted 20 hours ago)
  2. I literally just got a free set of LEDs to test in the S70 ABMS, havent installed them yet. Maybe I will tonight and letcha know.
  3. You really should be upgraded considering how few are left now and how frequently you are on.
  4. Dash cam for the S70. Free.99 thanks to review exchange lol. Loving it so far, new 128gb card comes in for it today so ill have a video up of it later this week. Installed the dashcam Sunday.
  5. Depending on the dealership and the offers you could get anywhere from 1,000-4,000+ on your trade in. But depending on your local market you could likely net a solid 2k for the car if its a solid clean daily. It's up to you to decide based on dealer incentives for trade ins. Our locals always run those *3k over kbb on trade in* deals around the holidays and labor day is Monday..
  6. We almost fired our design guy once. He walked in in a short sleeve shirt and the owners saw his tats. He just doesnt wear shot sleeves any more. Germans, whatcha gonna do, its been the major deciding factor in me getting a tat. Id rather keep my job lol.
  7. We miss you Che. 

  8. Why would there be any outrage at all? It was the uncles decision to do so and the baby was already discharged the day before his visit.
  9. S70. Put more AC shit in it. Looks like I need a new check valve, but its blowing cold again so fuck it for another year. It drives to work maybe once a week if the weather is decent, feeling really under motivated to do much to it right now 😞
  10. Lifes been getting in the way. Definitely missed it lol.
  11. Pulled a junkyard dome light for a temp fix, dome light button fell out at some point and some how clicked on all the lights and killed the battery over the course of a week of sitting lol. If anyone has a grey dome light surround lemme know $$$ in hand. ❤️ Also swapped on some trunk shocks from the jy since I found a mint set while perusing the JY for the first time in almost 2 years. It's nice to have a trunk that doesn't slam closed on you. Had the S60 in for service, Oil change, Tire balance, and plugging a hole in a rear tire.