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  1. I feel like one way or another, we were headed towards something of that nature.
  2. Pew Pew Bang Bang. What's everyones take on yesterdays shins?
  3. Someone on FB asked for a good P80 performance group or forum and I commented with 2 days later, I got a spam warning from Facebook because they've identified the link as Suspicious Spam. Whelp I guess all the BS we've talked over the years has gotten VS labeled as spam 😅
  4. Sooooo the forum got a new layout.
  5. Welcome to the edge of the internet Swatchy. Post pics of ride.
  6. Mazda3speed calipers You should be able to find them pretty cheap, and I believe they may be a direct fit for your vehicle depending on year. Pics of said V40?
  7. Did you have the ECU programed to accept the manual?
  8. Hey @krzycho1022 I see you lurking, whats poppin.
  9. Hey @HamSandwich Is there any cheese? Or just straight up ham and bread? Ps. I see you lurkin. Come say hi.
  10. I could tell you that, but then my company would lose money. So sit tight it'll be awhile.
  11. Anyone recall a part number for the p80 x70 headlight wire harness? In headlamp. Or if the ABM and X70 stock share the same harness? My pass side is crumbling while my driver side looks brand new, go figure.
  12. Converted from HID to LED (oh man its so much better). Need to figure out why my pass headlight beam pattern is shit compared to my driver side. I'm pulling them tonight anyways to repair wiring in ironically the pass side, and do some other stuff to it so ill figure it out this week. Replaced my dead stock horns with the Hella Sharptones, much better. Wish I had kept my Subaru lip so it would match the bright colored horns exposed behind my grille.