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  1. H&R's were always the softest ride from what I remember. The red ones? I've been running IPD blues forever and honestly dont mind it, it can be rough depending on the road, for most trips including out of state its always been fine, but I also have Koni yellows upfront and Blisten HD's in the back.
  2. Oh, dont fret. If the s70 sells quickly, its going to fund another Volvo project, as well as keep me in Volvo's.
  3. Drove. It. To work. Hooked up a compressor and blew out all the dust and leaves from the engine bay as well as trunk area. Time to clean it up, fix a couple small things, and sell it.
  4. Wow I almost feel like its under priced. Good luck with the sale, post it on facebook, with the current value of these stock it shouldnt last long at all.
  5. I think I used them on the first engine when I got the S70 and they did fine for the couple years I had it in there. It's also been almost 10 years so I honestly don't remember what I went with in terms of brands, but havent heard anything bad about fel pro vale stem seals.
  6. Going to need more information on this :3 I dig it.
  7. Give ya $100 for the lip so I can stick it next to the new in box one I bought incase I ever broke the one mounted to the s70 lol. Im JK that thing im sure is worth much more dont accept my offer.
  8. FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU I didn't even see it this morning lmao, I was just like wtf is this guy on about.
  9. Went to jump in the S70 this morning at 5am (30~ degrees), and remembered the ac controls don't work when its too cold (solder joints?) so I promptly noped out of that one and into the S60. So enjoyed the heat in the s60 and then turned it off half way in and opened the moon roof lmao.
  10. Put gas in the s60. Kinda stared blankly at the s70 this morning as I debated driving it to work instead, then realized I didn't feel like driving a manual in bumper to bumper traffic this morning.
  11. Nope, me not liking cake applies to eating of both kids. What about pizza pringles? Or Pringles on Pizza? Full disclosure, I firmly put Ice Cream Cakes into the Ice Cream category. Print all the things, it just makes life more interesting.
  12. Unpopular opinion. I really don't care for cake.
  13. I feel like one way or another, we were headed towards something of that nature.