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  1. Id appriciate that. Part number (clutch pedal) 9191520 is the correct pedal for the 98s. I need to figure out what the clip is now, plenty of info out there, going to call the volvo store and see what they have for that clip, hopefully they do have it.
  2. For real though lmao. I need to go dig through some posts and remember which wires it was, its been years. Found pics buried in my phone, looks like im using the latter numbered clutch pedal which is actually for the 98 S70. (incase anyone stumbles upon this post in the future, get the newer number thats in stock) lol. My top pin is gone (upper right pin), theres a bolt through it, my bottom (where the spring seat attaches is fine, left side pin) --------------- Side note, since I have a bolt going through with washers and such through the master, wouldn't I now need a clip of some sort to secure it once I use the correct clutch pedal (well un modified more so than correct)? (13a in this picture looks like its for the brake pedal and not the clutch though) Back to googling! lmao
  3. You know, the horrible part of this, is I never hooked up cruise control, or the wiring for my back up lights. Maybe I should finally do those things... After going back and forth with "Tech" it looks like the latter number is the assembly I have in the car now, so going to just go with it and hope it works lmao.
  4. Swap is done, and has been done for a long time. The clutch pedal was kinda... Rigged, as I got it 2nd hand with an issue. Looking in to getting a clutch pedal from the dealer now since I have a gift card that expires at the end of the year and need to use it. Question regarding part numbers. The number I need I believe is - 9173742 - but this shows discontinued everywhere. The number I've found through volvopartswarehouse is 9191520 can this be used without issue? Is it the same pedal? It's saying it is the pedal for a 98 s70 manual, but im also reading 98+ (99 and 00 as well) on various forums that im finding. But I thought you could not use the 99+ pedal in a 98. Thanks for any help guys. And I tried searching the newer number on the search bar and did not get any results, so hoping someone might know the answer.
  5. Sent it to the shop Friday for a few things.
  6. When are you planning on doing it, or has it already occurred? (posted 20 hours ago)
  7. I literally just got a free set of LEDs to test in the S70 ABMS, havent installed them yet. Maybe I will tonight and letcha know.
  8. Dash cam for the S70. Free.99 thanks to review exchange lol. Loving it so far, new 128gb card comes in for it today so ill have a video up of it later this week. Installed the dashcam Sunday.
  9. We almost fired our design guy once. He walked in in a short sleeve shirt and the owners saw his tats. He just doesnt wear shot sleeves any more. Germans, whatcha gonna do, its been the major deciding factor in me getting a tat. Id rather keep my job lol.
  10. Why would there be any outrage at all? It was the uncles decision to do so and the baby was already discharged the day before his visit.
  11. S70. Put more AC shit in it. Looks like I need a new check valve, but its blowing cold again so fuck it for another year. It drives to work maybe once a week if the weather is decent, feeling really under motivated to do much to it right now 😞