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  1. Drove it for the first time in 4-5 months. Even put the new registration sticker on ive had on my nightstand since April.
  2. Pulled it out of the garage to load the mazda up with camping stuff for the weekend. So it sat in a parking spot for a couple hours while I loaded the mazda up and tossed the roof basket on with lights and side canopy. *Let's be real, I wish those were my oil marks, because that means id be driving it instead of it sitting in the garage for months at a time. lmao.
  3. Mind sharing some details on the set up? What bov, and hows the couplers routed?
  4. Im going to say itll be a Trump v Hillary lol. Honestly though, it will likely be Trump vs someone, I have no idea who they'll go with right now. I could see them pushing DeSantis but id hate to lose him here in FL.
  5. ITS BACK!!! So what broke this time?
  6. Pew Pew. Technically ill get refunded after I do a review, but I did purchase it. Honestly couldn't resist lmao.
  7. Speaking of Snabb. Whats everyone running for air intake with the Snabb K24 alum pipe? I was debating between making a custom CAI or seeing whats what.
  8. For the 2 jacknuts I need to install -.- Hopefully ill never need this again lmao.
  9. You just eyeballing this? Man thats impressive.
  10. Put it through the dirt / mud / sugar sand / bushes, over the weekend. Wont be doing that again, mazda paint is apparently extremely thin. Did some light off roading with the volvo crew. Definitely was glad to have AWD as everyone kept getting stuck, super impressed with the awd system on the cx5 though as I had no issues all day.
  11. For her though that honestly works really. She doesn't even use android auto on her new car so yeah lol. I've never heard anything bad about BV so ill check them out.
  12. How does it record? Loop over SD card or cloud? Appreciated.
  13. Dash Cams? Whats everyone running? I have a VAVA in the S70 which im not super fond of, but 4k and barely drive it. And a Nexar in the CX5 which I love the interface since it connects to your phone and records to the cloud. Looking for something easy to use and reliable for the wifes car, and even potentially to bin the nexar and get something with better resolution since the 1080p is meh sometimes when reviewing cam.
  14. Quite a few, just need to figure out how to use them lmao. It's on my list for 1-2 weeks from now, clearing off my honey do list around the shop/warehouse and its on it. Have a few things I want to try printing.