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  1. This for sure, have had it happen before when my pass side popped out.
  2. Visually inspect the belt, it could also be an accessory pulley or the tensioner squeaking. Pop the hood, turn the car on, and see if you can locate where the noise is originating from.
  3. Same. I thought VS was running VBulletin, I know it was mentioned years ago but yeah same boat. 😕
  4. Water is clear unless its not. On one hand, dont tell me what to do! On the other hand, just trying to get my post count up higher to try and unlock that next lvl lmao. What does this forum run on? I don't remember lol.
  5. 😮 There are like what, 5-6 active members lolol. Who knows. I just assumed that was Che's drunkin ego.
  6. Should see the market down here, sometimes I feel like some of these houses never even make it to the market. We've watched how a very undesirable area went from 230k homes that were about 1600 sqft, to now 320k for the same house within 7-8 months. Waiting about another year before we purchase again, hopefully it crashes by then since our local job market does not support the income required for 300k+ houses, foreclosure and eviction filings have already started too so we'll see whats up in a year.
  7. Maybe Chuck will pop in and give us the run down sometime. Congrats on the new rank by the way!
  8. Lol I tried searching various ranking plugins but there are so many now that I gave up.
  9. Dam man, I only have 9. I gotta step it up. 😕 Even created a new group, but no badge for that.
  10. Old laptop finally feeling its age. And same with my current hex so decided to grab a small pocket sized drone this time around since im not doing it for business anymore. Legion 5 Gen 6 AMD (17") (Wanted the pro but its not available for 3 months...) DJI Mini 2 Fly more This will be the smallest quad or drone in general ive ever flown. Kinda excited.
  11. Realistically, same here, just for the simple fact of trying to get some more badges lmao.
  12. Boo x2 Same, honestly kind of a fun little feature.
  13. Yeah time line doesnt make much sense when you actually look at it. Do it, poke the bear, maybe we'll get a post from him and then wont see him till next year.