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  1. Jesus man Thats rough. But yeah I always have that fear when street parking, so much so I will go as far out of my way as possible to avoid street parking.
  2. So weird. I also just realized this is brake lights, and im running them in my reverse lights.
  3. Im running these with no issues on my 98 s70.
  4. O.o how are you getting hit so many times without it being your fault?
  5. Kevin relax, we're still not voting for Bernie lol.
  6. Lol even worse RIP LAST VISITED July 19, 2018
  7. LAST VISITED July 26, 2019 Definitely Been Awhile. Obviously no problem giving him the benefit of the doubt though considering previous interactions.
  8. Any updates OP? I need to buy something off Snabb but definitely waiting to see how long it takes to ship, if ever.
  9. I've had a few people ask me about those LED's now so im just going to share the link. Used them for the "first time" last night, out side of testing them the night I installed them, and man they really are brighter than I initially thought. No bulb out warning so thats great.
  10. Gonna blind the world behind me when I reverse lmao.
  11. Rough Etching trial. Going to try a different etching technique later in the week or weekend.
  12. Looking for a driver side dome light lense in black. Mine broke and fell out when I shut the door lol. Shipped to 34741. Thanks.
  13. Ended up being the harness. Plug (pulled from a jy car) was falling apart so when I put it on the switch it pushed the connections out the back which I did not realize until last night. Fixed it annnnd yep. Put 12v from battery to the solid blue for reverse and the lights came on so was able to quickly rule out the majority of the system. Reverse lights work perfectly now. Greg, your issue might be a switch. I paid $16 for a new one from autozone.
  14. Interesting. I'm going to try pulling it all the way back and see what happens. Going to have the misses stand behind the car while I move it back to see if anything happens.