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  1. Half of us no longer have them so you're good 🙃
  2. Hope you find one, im not sure when the next time ill be hitting a yard is or id pull one for you.
  3. My antenna is straight up, I did not know they made a bracket to be angled, this is the first time im seeing an angled antenna. Also I broke the 3rd brake light on the s70.... It fell down shortly after or during the roof respray and I went to check it today to see about putting it back up, the plastic disintegrated in my hands. So $50 at the dealer tomorrow I suppose.
  4. Water pump - Sold Safety net - Sold
  5. Selling some left over P2 items. S60 Grills - $40 + shipping -04 V70 Tail lights - $40 + shipping for all 4 (driver side upper has a crack) Asin Water pump - $140 shipped - SOLD 2002 Tan window switch (you can swap face plates - 09193383) - $40 Shipped 2002 Grey window switch (09193383) - $40 shipped Driver door handle assembly (Ruby Red) - $20 + shipping Black light switch control with fogs (04-09 8691753) - $20 + shipping Driver dash vent black - free with any purchase Misc trim pieces - free with any purchase Wiper arm cap 81433518 - $5 + shipping Blistein Rear Shocks - 24-193276 ($60 each + shipping so $120 + shipping for the pair) Center console - $100 + shipping Ball joints - Detroit Axle - $30 shipped for the pair Volvo Safey Net - $200 shipped - SOLD Volvo Aux light kit for front bumper various models - $200 shipped includes switch and plugs + blanks I made to keep water out when not in use Photos
  6. Oh thats nice, I was unaware they had seats like that at all. Wonder if I can put a set in the s70 :3
  7. Shit the way he was talking, youd think he was working for them. FINALLY SOME VOLVO CONTENT! lol Looks good! Black interior!?
  8. What made you go with that over the countless other options? I threw my Nexar from the wagon into the Mazda. I like that its completely hands free and connects to my phone (without interrupting signal) as soon as I turn the car on. But im looking at getting a new one with better quality and hardwiring to mirror since there's apparently a plug for that. I swear by dash cams now, really saved my ass when I got hit by a disney truck and disney denied it until I submitted the dash cam footage like a year or two ago now. The state trooper who responded said "It will all be ok you have insurance, you just pay your deductible, and they'll repair your car" Yeah ok bud im not paying for shit since I was hit.
  9. Sorta. The lingering reason why I originally bought it, and the fact that reason is no longer there, and being reminded by it daily, helped push it out the door for me. Definitely didnt realize how hard it was hitting me until after it left yesterday. At this stage/point in the wagons stay with me, ive invested more than I care to say anymore, both financially and mentally but mainly financially. The new owner got a mechanically sound vehicle, I got some cash which ill put towards the S70. Now I have a reliable brand new with a warranty, daily driver, so I can turn my full attention to the S70. For now though, im going to take a little break from wrenching, my wife has stated she would like to do absolutely nothing this weekend so we'll see how that goes. Honestly we'll see, I do like the P3 XC70s / V90s. But for now, I have the Mazda as a daily, and the S70 to dump money into. Thanks. Yeah thats what im thinking too, though the wagon definitely made it easier to haul a lot of stuff in 1 go.
  10. What is it you're wanting to know? M58 is 5speed M66 is 6speed Ultimately both are relatively easy to do, especially on a 98. Your issue might be finding a pedal for it, at least that used to be the snag when swapping the 98s. Also your title is a bit confusing. Is this NA? Naturally Aspirated? If so its not an R unfortunately. And if it is an R, its not Naturally Aspirated (NA). Post some more photos when you get a chance, and welcome to the forum. You'll likely find all the best information here.
  11. Officially sold. Cash in my pocket, Title signed over, this closes a chapter.
  12. Once I posted it to facebook market it didnt last long. The current market is crazy. Had people from Jacksonville (2+hr drive), West Palm (2.5/3hr drive), Miami (4hr drive) and of course locals coming to check it out. One of the local Volvo guys came out yesterday from the cape, put a deposit down, and is coming back today with cash and someone to drive it home. If im going to lose money on it, id rather it go to someone whos going to use it and needs it.
  13. Anyone have a pigtail for a 98-00 x70 headlamp they're not using? Or parting a vehicle with one? I'm going to etch my ABM projector lense, and start offering it as a service (if anyones interested here), want to make sure the light output isnt effected or if it is, by how much.
  14. New owner picking up the wagon today so this ends the Dad wagon saga. Little bit of a bitter sweet goodbye, obviously I lost my ass on the wagon with well over double what it sold for invested. Decided to heat gun the front and rear bumper trim Saturday, so I guess the last thing done. New owner is getting the wing and a few other parts including the fog light kit I had for it.