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  1. Seriously just use Aaron. ^^^^^ Hes super patient too lol.
  2. Never buy from Tasca when you can buy anywhere else. For those that know, there are MANY dealerships that can/will beat Tasca prices and include the shipping so you're not playing the *We have it but itll be another $300 in shipping and you'll have to wait 3 weeks* bullshit that Tasca pulls on bumpers. If you're paying more than $260 for a front X70R bumper SHIPPED, you're getting ripped off. Regardless of color as yes they are all still available, just have to find one that will actually do the work to have it shipped over, Volvo imports monthly. Tasca has a generally piss poor reputation among the Volvo community.
  3. Can't figure out the rough idle so off to the crusher.
  4. I mean Member announcement sounds good to me. lol. Welcome to the Forum. I don't remember which walbro fuel pump people used to put in but go for it! Definitely throw some more photos up when you get a chance.
  5. $120 worth of silicone and clamps. Oooo baby.
  6. So many people don't realize how good it is for your wheels to wax them once in awhile. Props.
  7. Which I forgot all about. I need to hit him up and get tracking since its coming to work. Anyone remember what size pipes those ebay FMIC's had we all bought almost a decade ago? lmao I need to grab all new couplers and clamps. Might grab a new FMIC as well. One hose popped off yesterday during a short cruise locally figured its time to just replace them all. Nvm found it
  8. My wires are to messy for my tastes at the plug, so this is going to be much appreciated. Probably install it the same night it comes in.
  9. Bought a car thing from John Van Cleave
  10. More pew pew parts to go with previous pew pew part....... which will be here at the end of the month lmao. Also got a scope not pictured.
  11. Pew Pew stuff Cheaper to buy a new .556 upper right now than it is to buy enough .300 aac to have a decent couple hours at the range for myself and the misses. Dam hippies bought up all the ammo and guns because of Corona!
  12. How hard was the retrofit? Link me to a thread baby! lol