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Status Updates posted by RobT5M

  1. I don't get on here much anymore.  

  2. Maybe one day ill post a build thread - till then just know both tires create smoke.

  3. VS Chatroom, is there any other reason to be on here?

  4. Will no longer be buying from IPD. Screw getting 3 day shipping and not getting it for 6 days

  5. I heard chuck is Asian... interesting. figured he would be shorter.

  6. I require additional hours of sleep X.X

  7. Lol I lost 22 rep points in yesterdays spam spree

  8. I enjoy hitting -1 on people who freak out over it. :)

  9. I like how my rep depends on if I post something stupid or not. B)

  10. SLEEPPPP I cannot wait till I get home.

  11. YOOOOOOOOOOOOOO rail is done

  12. Ready to pass the fuck out. X.X exhausted

  13. wtf kevin. you got the (nws Now) Kitvexed thread locked. <_

  14. RobT5M


  15. im stalkin ur profile mang

  16. Woah! Headache + pillz = drunk feeling.

  17. Guess whos buying a honda! lol

  18. Hi chat lurker... lol

    You come in here, get me allll happy, and then dont talk. <_<