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  1. Update. Ran the CNC a bit today. (see attached pic) trying different depths on aluminum before we start in on the steel. Cut a piece of steel off to test some different finishes before etching. Guys on the shop side are pretty excited about doing something new so the first batch should be pretty cool once we get into it more tomorrow.
  2. I pulled one for someone else at the jy on Saturday and was like, well fuck this was easy -.- lmao.
  3. At this rate though, is it wrong to picture Trump as the next President as well? I just don't see a good candidate from anywhere else.
  4. Honestly I more so wanted to see what was involved with removing and installing a new one. That and im not sure I really want to drop so much on something not causing issues for me right now lol.
  5. Started making proofs for a side project im working on. Beskar Ingots. Ordered some Damascus and high-carbon steel Friday to start, got the image loaded into the cnc as well for the logo, going to try a few engravings on scrap aluminum and stainless early this week I hope. And start etching the steel pieces this weekend, the Damascus is for personal use (aka im keeping the ones made out of it). Proofs were done by hand with a razer blade and etched by hand so ignore how bad the logo is in all 3 pics lol. Didn't have an exacto knife and wanted to get it done to get a general idea before we start making full sized replicas of the Mandalorian beskar ingots.
  6. Totally pulled this at the junkyard for $4 saturday. was actually really easy.
  7. Hey Kevin, You feelin the burn?
  8. HEY! Leave Karenn alone. Lets see pics now! Whatcha done to it since.
  9. Hey Fuck you M8! I did lol. Cancelled my order with Tasca Friday since eta was 2-3 weeks. Ordered from Eeuro because they ship same day apparently lmao. Your item arrived at the Post Office at 6:54 am on February 7, 2020 in KISSIMMEE, FL 34741. It'll be here today.
  10. Drove the S70 to work without checking oil and coolant levels. I like living on the edge. Also im lazy and didnt want to deal with opening my hood with pliers.
  11. I think im just going to try it and see what happens.