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  1. Hellooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
  2. Was actually going to originally cut the florida volvo community logo into it, but now im just going to engrave it, don't want to risk structural (although im not sure there really is any) I think its just to help keep the pump clean.
  3. Forget this post lmao. It's $7 from my local dealership. 😅😅 😅😅 😅😅 😅😅 😅😅
  4. Hey check it out, I have pictar.
  5. Good morning ol boys. Curious and hopeful if anyone would happen to have the metal plate and bar (the bolt cover spacer piece) that are positioned infront of and next/above the power steering pump on the p80 x70 series? Would you be willing to just pull it from your pile and ship it to me? Id pay shipping of course. I want to try my hand at using one of our big ass machines in the shop and engrave a logo into it and then sand blast and paint.
  6. I see your issue................ Check your expiration date :3 You done goofed bud. Feb 2020 has come and past.
  7. We'll get you through this, so take a breath. :3 Also I didn't sell any tools lol. Do you have a harbor freight nearby? Go grab a 20% off coupon, buy a jack. Grab another 20% off coupon, buy some jack stands. Grab another and buy some tools. That will get you on your way. If the car is driving without giving you any headaches right now, I would just tackle 1 job every weekend. Oil lines are fairly simple. Axles are fairly simple, you do need a jack though. (Pop the center cap off the wheel, and break the axle nut free before you jack it up ) Brake hoses are pretty simple as well, though due to age they may take some finesse, just make sure you use the correct wrench so you don't round them off. For your top mount, just take the wheel off, jack the car up, remove strut. Remember cars are put together with nuts and bolts, so as long as you have a wrench and ratchet with sockets, you can take apart almost everything on the vehicle. Though id also recommend a Torque driver set lol. BEYOND ALL THAT. You've come into the P80 Volvo game really late in the game compared to everyone above, so relax and just do some searching, if you have any questions feel free to ask, there may be some how tos with missing pictures though so just let us know.
  8. My 98 had an SAS pump. Had it deleted through the tune and sold the pump for like $150 at the time lol. OP, you're getting fucked honestly. I'd take that 5grand and break 100 off and go buy tools, a jack, some jack stands, and get to work. You've got MAYBE a days worth of work to do on the car, and fuck the SAS pump you can find a how to on how to delete it either in the ECU or even just with a resistor.
  9. Believe the R cluster in the S70 shows 180k, while real mileage is likely closer to 300 as I bought it 10 years ago with 198k. lol.
  10. GLWS I doubt it will be but if on the off chance its still for sale come Jan? I'll probably fly up and grab it for a temporary daily and future camping/outdoors vehicle as its exactly what I was looking for a few months ago before priorities changed.
  11. Try to adjust your lumbar! :3 P80 seats are so much nicer than the newer models lol. P2 seats are like sitting on a cloud.
  12. Thanks bud I really appreciate it, but honestly I prefer things like Limewire or TPB. ❤️
  13. WAIT there was a video? Repost that please. lmao.
  14. I'm like 90% positive its just a spam post. The link given isnt even to a specific plotter, his isnt even listed, and its just a "these are the best of 2020" kinda thing. Just bored, talkin to the bots.