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  1. Don't tempt me, I found my photo stash of Faulty and even Kevin LOL
  2. Looks great, I take it from the "Dual VVT head" you're swaping over a RN head, which year are you going with and any reason why?
  3. This thread always needs a bump. And this pic deserves to be on the next page ❤️ Looking good.
  4. I'm this close | | to just buying a $200 double din drop in from China for this thing lmao. But at this point im fairly certain ill be fixing up any things it still needs and selling it within the next year. Looking at getting a new vehicle as a family cruiser.
  5. If I didn't already have a nice kenwood in the s70, id definitely go this route to add bluetooth to it. Also ❤️ Thank you.
  6. So interestingly enough looks like all the points earned remain. :3
  7. I didn't even know they had a phone app! I'm starting to think the Grom doesnt work with my radio since I have the "premium" set up.
  8. Bolts, which are fine, but that dam body tape they use.... Yeah ill pull P80 ones anytime, but P2 ones unless im pulling it for a friend, id be pretty dam hesitant on doing it again.
  9. Ruby Red Metallic Pearl, and one day itll go on the wagon lol. I think it was either Silver or a Gunmetal when I sent it for paint. I can tell you ill likely never pull one of those from a junkyard again. Even at the $200~ they sell for, that was a pita.
  10. So like, I be trying to be lazy on the weekends, and it rarely works out -.- Though this weekend was the wifes birthday so we spent saturday in st pete/tampa area doing the museum tours. Back to the Grom though, I like it, got it second hand, but putting my phone on speaker and talking to people with it mounted to the airvent was getting really old. Just need to figure out why im having the issue I am as I hooked the amp connection to the Grom... I think. LOL
  11. Installed a Grom yesterday, Looks like I need to pull everything back out though as I only have sound from my center speaker now.
  12. ❤️ S70 crew. Post up some photos in this thread -> It may have been in the title, just didnt see it. I wonder if @Mattphi has email notifications lol, he's the wheel guru lmao. Honestly there used to be a website you could go on and was semi popular. I'll see if I can find it throughout the day. Manual swap was honestly super easy and straightforward, it's been covered so heavily on many forums, and I did it when it was a popular swap still so had plenty of resources at the time. I did an engine swap at the same time too though so it made it much easier to do the trans. My only issue was Tasca sending me a clutch kit, sans the clutch and having to wait a week for them to fix that mistake. If you're not going for 300+ though, I would just leave the automatic alone. My s70 Sits 95% of the year now because my drive is not super fun with a manual due to my route taking me through the heart of disney now and dealing with stop and go traffic.
  13. Im honestly surprised you don't delete them. But it was funny realizing you've been changing their post, I was like why would someone say those things O.o
  14. No problem I totally get that, you should see my garage.... LOL all the parts for the V70 that might one day get installed. Let me know if you end up wanting them, because chances are they'll be sitting in a few months on a shelf still lol. I've had a freshly painted rear spoiler for the V70 along with front suspension and so many other things sitting on the floor/shelves for a few now lol. I didn't have a choice with the trans swap, popped the automatic in the s70 and needed a manual asap.
  15. Finally installed a Grom unit on the V70 so I can have bluetooth. Only center channel is working now for bluetooth/calls/radio. Guess im pulling the radio again to see what I did wrong. (Either didn't plug the Amp back in correctly, or plugged something in wrong) VOL01U3BT - GromUSB3
  16. I wish I could neg rep you -.- Gotta love Spam in the morning, whos got the eggs and potatoes?
  17. Yeah just noticed you didnt specify which vehicle as well. Post back with a year and model at least please. You can get away with different sizes on a X70, than you can with an 850, for example, even though they're the same P80 chassis.
  18. Basically exactly what he said ^^^ lol. One is P2, Two is P80, 3 is just the plate without the bushings. Ultimately, you want the bushings at the minimum, it is a noticeable difference. Yolo, If you really want them let me know, I really only need them for about a day or two lol. Paid 20, so ill offer them to you for what I paid.
  19. At the end of the day im just glad the forum is still here. I do wish he would fix the front end, or let someone take a crack at it though.
  20. 👀 boop Another day another rank.
  21. Let's go! Post up which Gallo is the best and why you think so.
  22. 1000x times this. If you ever have to remove the transmission, spend the $20-30 more and put an OEM rear main seal in. If you end up having the shop do it, ask them to replace it while there, and ask that they use an OEM seal. So many people have to repull the trans because the RMS started leaking after.
  23. Anyone a North American Reciprocal Museum (NARM) Association Member? Trying to navigate this is.... interesting. St Pete. Dali Museum - $160 family membership (2 people), but cannot use membership anywhere within 50 miles of the Dali museum except for at the Dali museum. St Pete. Morean Arts Center - $100 family membership (2 people), but cannot be used at the Dali museum. Bok Tower Garden - $200 membership, but its for a family of 6, and can be used anywhere. O.o Lmao where can I just get a 2 person membership and I can use at Dali and Morean. We're going this weekend and all told itll be like 80-100 to get into the two, makes sense to buy a membership, but apparently we cannot buy it at one to use at both because they're to close to each other.
  24. Depending on how mechanically inclined you are, you could attempt to do the repair yourself. It's not an impossible job, but its definitely one you need tools and space for. I'm not sure the cost of a clutch kit currently, but I know when I did my manual swap years ago, it ran me about 500 for a R clutch kit. I believe the throw out is fairly cheap. $1200 does sound reasonable for the repair at a shop given the labor involved. Ultimately those are your options that you've stated and its up to you. You could check out the rust yourself, or even ask your mechanic to look and see how hard its going to be to have it repaired, if your catching it early enough it might be as simple as a wire-brush and spray paint.