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  1. I could tell you that, but then my company would lose money. So sit tight it'll be awhile.
  2. Anyone recall a part number for the p80 x70 headlight wire harness? In headlamp. Or if the ABM and X70 stock share the same harness? My pass side is crumbling while my driver side looks brand new, go figure.
  3. Converted from HID to LED (oh man its so much better). Need to figure out why my pass headlight beam pattern is shit compared to my driver side. I'm pulling them tonight anyways to repair wiring in ironically the pass side, and do some other stuff to it so ill figure it out this week. Replaced my dead stock horns with the Hella Sharptones, much better. Wish I had kept my Subaru lip so it would match the bright colored horns exposed behind my grille.
  4. I'm honestly giving it till the end of the month. With as slim as the majority of the margins are, and all the lawsuits demanding recounts, and current on going recounts, im giving it till the end of the month at this point -.-
  5. You know what... Now that you say that, im wondering, ive never gone over the wireharness im using for the aftermarket radio, still using the same one billy had in the car when I bought it like a decade ago. Guess its time to look into that.
  6. Whelp this should be fun to try and find lol. Im guessing it would be a body ground near the antenna? I need to pull some carpet out to upgrade the wiring to the fuel pump so mineaswell pull a bit more and check that while im in there.
  7. Wasnt sure if you ment Netherlands Antilles Guilder since USD thats a quarter of what the whole car is worth lol.
  8. That's ANG right? Even then, that's a lot, I know these are getting harder to find but yeah, good luck with the sale.
  9. Dam this shit is tight. Also Florida voted in $15/hr min wage, this is going to be interesting, lots of friends with small businesses are pretty worried about it now. Doesn't go into effect until September 2021, but its $1/hr per year so we'll see how this plays out over the next few years.
  10. Same, voted Saturday. So same topic? I'm amazed at how many local businesses have put up plywood worried if Biden loses that there will be mass riots. It's starting to feel like a Cat 4 is on its way in here.
  11. Morning guys, Hoping someone has had or dealt with this issue that can possibly help. Almost since ive had the S70 (98) I've always had static with the headlights on, when you turn them off, the static goes away. Same with if I turn on the rear window defrost, if its on, its static on some channels and goes away once off. Looking for some suggestions on possible causes and things to chase down to remedy this situation.
  12. Beep beep mutha fuka's. Finally replacing my dying stock horns since ill be daily driving the S70 in a few months, for a few months while I figure out what the next daily driver will be. $22 on Amazon Monday. They're $29 right now. Same tho.
  13. I guess this technically fits here since we did purchase him lol. Picked up our 8wk old 5.5lb Corgi on the way back from Savannah Sunday. VS, meet Flapjack
  14. Guess my hand has to stay down, the S70 is hard parked 98% of the year. I've driven it about 600 miles in 3 years.
  15. And... hes gone. Come back Corey come back.
  16. Nice, looks sweet man. Loved the S60 you had as well. Now you just gotta stick around the forums to help keep it active lol.
  17. Bud ignore these fools. I suggest you do the caf mod. What the caf mod is is super simple really. Go find those like old school metal cafeteria treys, the thicker the better for sure here. put them under the rear wheels, and rip that Ebrake as far as it'll go. Put it in drive and proceed to slide that ass all over the parking lot until the pans run through. Thank me later bud.
  18. End of the day, there are people that drive on torn boots for a long time without issues, but it can become an issue. Beginning of the day, its a relatively simple fix, axles are roughly $40-100 each. (try to find OEM remans if you don't want to do them again in a couple years and to avoid possible headaches of aftermarket fitment) If you have a jack, jackstands, axle nut socket, breaker bar, and a couple wrenches/sockets you should be golden.
  19. They claimed they were worth like $100-$150. I pulled them up on Ebay (this was like a year ago) and saw they were going for $5 for repops, or $20-30 for the originals, plus I had 2 at home. Made the joke I have a few, and the guy was like bring them to me and ill pay you $60 for everyone you have. So I did lmao.
  20. Oh no im sure its legit, I was just saying you have to watch the prices. I made fucking bank on a little game store that was too stuck up to just check ebay. Sold them 15 Donkey Kong 64 cartridges for $60 a pop until they finally realized the game wasnt worth the $100 they were asking in store.
  21. Honestly next time we move / house I buy, I've been contemplating just getting a FL king. Either way, definitely getting a new mattress. King - 76" x 80" Cali King - 72” x 84” Florida King - 107" x 80"
  22. Bought new pillows last weekend, fuuuuuuck me if that wasnt what I needed in my life lmao. Went from sleeping like shit, to sleeping great again. Next up in a new king mattress.
  23. How much did you spend? You have to be careful on these because they are a dime a dozen and prices vary wildly. I've seen them for $20 and for $150. I almost bought another n64, even though we each still have our childhood ones, just because it was $20 with a few games at a flea market the other day. Might still buy it when we go back next weekend just to have parts if needed. Speaking of flea markets. Scored a new vinyl, that while I really want to play, I want to just leave it in the original wrapper more.
  24. Forgot I preordered a Funko back in May. It came in yesterday apparently. Dog for size reference.