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  1. I am curious to see what these panels look like. never hear of oak. are they green ?
  2. put in front axles and changed the hubs while i was down there, my car sounded like a pod racer with the outer boots ripped. oh and got the custom 3 in. exhaust on. est dp catless 3 in all the way back with 2 borla xr1's. 18t and ard blue this week. then coilovers right after !!!
  3. In its usual spot at work
  4. aha alright thanks for clearing that up. all i need is another reason to fail emissions. :lol:
  5. okay im sorry for this but im a bit confused. is there a correlation between the SAS delete and an evap code?
  6. 302 mm big brake kit, ate powerslot rotors, akebono pads. and painted my calipers.
  7. flare nut wrenches gonna be my next purchase and those look awesome im super excited. should be on by sunday ill put up some pics
  8. yeah im sure ill be posting if i start having trouble with them & niceee would love to see a picture of those on your car
  9. yeah one of your posts inspired me to go with these. ive never done brake lines before. im scurrred
  10. along with some red caliper paint and some brake fluid. $550
  11. The temperature never really got below 50 where im at. the high was 82 today <_<
  12. I used to have a 455 code that mysteriously went away after 3 days. So i was skeptical about doing this delete and making it come back. But I need to get rid of my PO410 so I'm just gonna go for it.
  13. could it be because a vacuum line on the valve or pump or something is off the car so the ecu thinks its malfunctioning?
  14. My girlfriend just told me it looked like i was watching porn as i was reading this thread. Amazing car i hope i can get my car to the level yours is at one day.
  15. Jeigh

    Volvo S70 T5

    Volvo S70 T5