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  1. revolvolution09

    Holiday Thoughts

    Merry christmas to you all and enjoy your family while they are visiting. Im visiting my family and i dont get to do that allot being in the army.
  2. revolvolution09

    My car

  3. revolvolution09

    Project '98 T5M 2.0

    Damn thats a big list.
  4. revolvolution09

    Post here when you're drunk or hungover

    I am drunk and still on VS!
  5. revolvolution09

    X70 Led Swap: The Thread

    Anybody make LED gear selector bulb 107931 or 115602 for x70?
  6. revolvolution09

    How Your Car Sits

    What wheels are those?
  7. revolvolution09

    How Your Car Sits

    Love the color. My s70 is same color.
  8. revolvolution09

    Political Rhetoric Is Not Patriotism

    Well one less hajji we gotta kill now. Rest of bin ladens fuks better hide now cause we gonna find you.
  9. revolvolution09

    New Front Page Image

    Looks good!!! About damn time for new image:P.
  10. revolvolution09

    New Front Page Image

    Maybe you guys should do a contest on new front page image. Have people design some images and have people vote or something like that. Just an idea.:)
  11. revolvolution09

    Volvo S70 GLT

    Volvo S70 GLT
  12. revolvolution09