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  1. I updated my sig to something more appropriate...
  2. Doh!!! I meant *IT* was being gay not I was being gay, that's hilarious! But no, the coating didn't come off even with paint remover. i guess I'll try a grinder!
  3. Installed the polished N/A manifold, TB w/ 960 plate, and attempted to polish the fuel rail cover but EDIT: IT was being extremely gay. Pics to come!
  4. I just ordered one up, i was reading up about torque, sounds friggin awesome. You can run a on the road dyno and do logging, its less a scanner more of a car computer.
  5. EY everybody chill out! its a magnet for Christ sake! going ll balls out -1 on me here! lol but yeah i wasn't gonna do it without the magnet backing.
  6. My paint is hard mother f@&#(! , s@*# is from the hood! i set in down on there gently don't worry
  7. Did you by any chance buy your T-5R from AZ?

  8. Im gonna stock pile it in my bathtub and in open buckets around my gas heater.
  9. its motha monkeyen 760 420 7808