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  1. Matt, for the dw300 install - Ben McNally (@B Mac) sells custom-machined sleeves to fit the pump into the stock pickup. He has them ready to ship if you shoot him a message. I bought one for my car that I hope to install soon
  2. Hmm, yeah that’s weird. Thanks for the explanation Matt!
  3. I’m a bit late to ask, but do the CV adapter flanges you designed for the rear diff accomplish the same thing as these flanges Ben sells?
  4. andyb5

    Impulse Buy T5M

    This is awesome, excited to see where it goes. Seems like the perfect car for a nice stereo to solidify its status as a nice cruiser
  5. ARD tunes were junk, but Lucky closed the business now so that makes it an even easier decision to go with a tune from Aaron (@Tightmopedman9 ) at Vast Tuning. Make sure you’ve got a thorough baseline before you turn the power up. Stage 0, plus oil pan seals and PCV system. Since you’re counting on the car to be reliable, go overkill on preventative maintenance before modifications
  6. I’ve run Porterfield R4-S and Stoptech 309 on my car. Both pads are formulated for every day street driving and some track use. I have Porsche/Brembo calipers so my pad options are a bit different than for the Volvo calipers, but the Stoptech pads are available to fit 302s: Ferrodo DS2500 are also available. They’re a slightly higher performance option than the Stoptechs but as a result won’t be as happy on the street.
  7. Connects a fused relay accessory to the stock accessory connector without needing any splicing or cutting of the factory harness.
  8. I’m not quite sure yet, but probably not as much as will be possible. I’m curious to see what the range of adjustment will actually end up being.
  9. Turned an FCP warranty refund into a Powerflex order
  10. Looks awesome Corey, love the wheels/ride height combo.
  11. andyb5

    Andy's 2000 V70 R

    If by “bolt-on” you mean, does the transmission bolt up? Yes, it does. The mechanical side of it is pretty simple for a 99 R - the M66 transmission, angle gear, axles, and driveshaft all bolt right up. You’ll need a custom bracket to use the stock 99 R transmission mount. However, the harder part to handle will he getting a tune to fully convert the ECU to manual by removing the 4,000 RPM limiter and fixing the throttle mapping. Where are you located?
  12. Mike nailed it for LVP products, I was gonna say the same thing. You want to compare the thickness/depth of the wear layer to evaluate durability. I haven’t specified any snap together, but we use a lot of Shaw or Mannington/Amtico on my projects (multi-family residential/commercial)
  13. What kind of look (wood, tile, etc) are you going for? Laminate or LVT sound like good options from a performance standpoint (based on kids/dog) and ease of install. If you wanted real wood, an engineered wood product (basically hardwood on top of plywood) meets your price point. Is tile an option you’re considering? That’s generally the most durable option. An intriguing possibility is bamboo flooring. It’s really dense, more so than Brazilian hardwoods like Ipe, so it should hold up well to wear and stains. We had a seminar about it at work for exterior use recently but the same company (Moso) makes interior flooring as well. I’ve been meaning to do some more research into it but haven’t had time.