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  1. It’s a pretty common swap on the RWD cars. DeeWorks sells a bolt-on adapter
  2. 😂😂😂 it could be all the spam bots that post here
  3. What did you do to convert to manual? Any modifications to the wiring harness or modules on CANBUS system?
  4. Anyone else taking advantage of BF/CM deals right now? I bought a 3 pack of M12 batteries (2/4/6 AH) and a hole saw set in a packout case from Home Depot. Then bought a whole bunch of maintenance stuff from FCP - a new set of endlinks, a new TCV, a set of spark plugs, a fuel filter, and a TRW steering rack.
  5. Stock harness is #9438738. IPD has it for $26.75 right now. Probably worth shopping around a bit.
  6. Awesome, glad to hear it’s working as expected! I hope we’ll get some video of a pull soon
  7. Do you know what spring rate the QA1s valved for? Is there a mismatch between the valving of the QA1s and your spring rate that’s impacting the articulation of the rear suspension? To test it in RWD, I recommend removing the passenger axle. Get a cheap parts store axle and separate it at the CV joints. To stop debris from getting into the AG and to prevent fluid leaking out, stab the inner shaft in the transmission and AG - the carrier bearing will hold it in place. Run the outer CV cup in the whee bearing so the tone ring is there to keep the ABS happy. It’s more work but it keeps
  8. What spring rate are you running with the QA1s?
  9. andyb5

    Eriks 850

    That’s awesome, you’ve gotta be excited to have it back! How long was it in the shop?
  10. Boooooo I’m so disappointed. WTF Chuckles? Same! Hand up if you still daily drive a 20 year old car 🤚 😂🤦‍♂️
  11. New member title for sure. @flyfishing3 make it happen 😂
  12. Love it Corey - you must be super happy with how it looks.
  13. They were custom-made for that S80
  14. A few highlights from the most recent 40 or so pages
  15. This was one of the best OT threads going for a while. Time to go reread a bunch and laugh my ass off.