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  1. andyb5

    Andy's 2000 V70 R

    They’ll stay red for the time being. If and/or when I refinish them in the future, I’ll look at color matching them but that’s down the road a bit. Good idea though!! Thanks for compliments, and I really appreciate the comparison to Will! He’s been an awesome source of info to this community over the years, so that’s high praise as far as I’m concerned. I’m not sure what he’s up to lately, I haven’t seen anything for him in a while. Good in the info on the rotors. I’ll keep an eye out and if they need it, wire wheel them when I clean my calipers haha. This setup is already better in cold rainy weather than the solid rotors and R4S pads ever were - I think that’s more the slotted rotors but not sure. Thanks 😂
  2. andyb5

    Andy's 2000 V70 R

    I took advantage of some free time and the nice weather this past weekend to get my big front brake kit installed, and did a little bit of “while I’m in there” work too: I started the project by stripping and cleaning the front spindles that were originally on this R when I bought it. Since this wagon never saw road salt until I bought it, the spindles even have some of the factory paint left. None of the other cars I’ve worked on were in this kind of shape! Spend a while taping off all the “critical” surfaces and they’re ready for paint: After several coats of high temp primer and silver paint, they’re ready for new FAG hub assemblies to be installed: Here are the details on the actual brake package. The setup I made uses Brembo 4 piston monoblock calipers from a 997 911 Carerra S. These are the same calipers that were used on the 996 Turbo and have 36/44mm pistons. I have custom adapter brackets that @Timbo Slice machined for me so the calipers can bolt onto the stock front spindle. I’m using Stoptech Sport “309” pads with 330mm x 32mm rotors from an 04-07 S60/V70 R, and custom braided stainless brake lines. I previously ran Porterfield R4S pads, which were amazing when warm but weren’t as effective when cold. This car is a daily driver so I switched to the Stoptech pads in hopes of adding some low-temp bite without giving up high temp performance - only time will tell how they compare to the R4S. I chose Stoptech slotted rotors that will be a substantial upgrade over the factory 302mm x 26mm rotors. The increased swept area and rotor thickness create more area for heat dissipation, which ensures consistent performance when used aggressively. The larger 330mm rotor weigh about 5 lbs more than the stock 302mm rotor, but the weight penalty is well worth the increased performance. Two noteworthy benefits of using Stoptech rotors. One, they have coated hats and vents, which will protect them from rusting and keeps everything looking good. Two, all the exposed surfaces are fully machined after casting so the dimensional tolerances and weights are more consistent than other rotors. I assembled the brakes onto the fresh spindle/hub assembly and installed them on the car My car is filthy so I’m not going to post a full car photo The finished product sitting pretty After driving for a couple years with 302s, it feels great to have a more capable brake setup again
  3. Time to install the Porsche BBK from my old wagon: Stoptech slotted 330mmx32mm rotors from Zeckhausen Racing: x2 Stoptech 309 pads from FCP ATE Typ. 200 fluid from FCP Plus 2 new FAG wheel bearings and associated hardware: x2 x8 x2 I already have the 996TT calipers, custom brackets, and custom braided hoses.
  4. andyb5

    How Your Car Sits

    😂😂😂 Congratulations Greg!
  5. andyb5

    How Your Car Sits

    Red wins
  6. andyb5

    RWD swapping a p2 v70

    One winter in my old wagon, I blew up the front passenger axle doing donuts and drove it as rwd for a few weeks. Because the front diff is open, without the passenger axle, no power was sent to the drivers side. The angle gear always sees full power because of how the collar gear connects to the front diff. In my case, power to the rear was somewhat limited by the viscous coupler. If you were going to drive like that long-term, I would remove the viscous coupler from its housing and extend the driveshaft to transfer 100% power to the rear diff. I’ve toyed with trying that idea on a cheap XC but never actually did so.
  7. andyb5

    1998 V70R, Resto Mod Thread

    Looks like you’re off to a great start on bringing this wagon back to life! I’ll definitely be following along
  8. andyb5

    05 Volvo s40 "t5" modification

    Nope. You get a tune from Shark Performance, Hilton, or Elevate and load it onto the stock ecu. It’s as easy as plugging a cord into the obd port
  9. andyb5

    What Did You Do To Your Car Today.

    That’s an epic trip! I’m sure I’m not the only one looking forward to your impressions once you get behind the wheel. Do you have any MPH goal for the 1/2 mile event?
  10. VVT solenoid blockoff plate. An easy option but not the best for performance though. Aaron’s tunes can have basic control of VVT on RN-swapped M4.4 cars and it makes a noticeable improvement in spool time. Go check out his latest Instagram post showing the difference in spool times on @B_Dub‘s wagon.
  11. andyb5

    What Did You Do To Your Car Today.

    Congratulations, that’s awesome Brandon, you must be so excited to go for a drive!
  12. andyb5

    05 Volvo s40 "t5" modification

    A stage 1 tune is what you’re looking for, nice and easy. You won’t need any upgrades to support a mild tune like that.
  13. andyb5

    How Your Car Sits

    Thanks brad, love you too! 😂 thanks Brandon! I need some big brake caliper to help fill out the wheels a bit better but I’m pretty happy with how it sits right now. Thanks! Your looks good, Propus are a great choice! Fingers crossed you get that low boost issue sorted out, that stuff can be super frustrating. Lookin so good AJ!
  14. andyb5

    How Your Car Sits

  15. andyb5

    Volvo c70 Remap

    There are guys over here who make well over 500 awhp on a remapped ME7 ECU and Gustav has tuned many of them. ME7 is significantly more capable than M4.4 out of the box and a good tuner remapping ME7 requires far less modification to have everything in the canbus network work properly than adding Megasquirt would.