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  1. I’ve run Porterfield R4-S and Stoptech 309 on my car. Both pads are formulated for every day street driving and some track use. I have Porsche/Brembo calipers so my pad options are a bit different than for the Volvo calipers, but the Stoptech pads are available to fit 302s:


    Ferrodo DS2500 are also available. They’re a slightly higher performance option than the Stoptechs but as a result won’t be as happy on the street. 

  2. If by “bolt-on” you mean, does the transmission bolt up? Yes, it does. The mechanical side of it is pretty simple for a 99 R - the M66 transmission, angle gear, axles, and driveshaft all bolt right up. You’ll need a custom bracket to use the stock 99 R transmission mount.

    However, the harder part to handle will he getting a tune to fully convert the ECU to manual by removing the 4,000 RPM limiter and fixing the throttle mapping. 

    Where are you located? 

  3. 10 hours ago, gmsgltr said:

    didnt buy anything yet - i fixed the current subfloor, replaced some rot etc. screwed it down, and just put another layer on top gluing and screwing in the field (not to joist). I now have a net 1" subfloor lol. It is pretty level now and VERY quiet/sturdy. I don't think I can afford to do wood floors... likely big dog soon, 1 year old, and who knows how many more. I did laminate in the townhouse that we did a live-in flip and they were great and we had compliments all the time. The laminate game has changed again now 6 years later. I did a condo flip last year with my dad and we did vinyl click flooring and that was honestly really nice stuff too. 

    What kind of look (wood, tile, etc) are you going for? Laminate or LVT sound like good options from a performance standpoint (based on kids/dog) and ease of install. If you wanted real wood, an engineered wood product (basically hardwood on top of plywood) meets your price point. 

    Is tile an option you’re considering? That’s generally the most durable option.

    An intriguing possibility is bamboo flooring. It’s really dense, more so than Brazilian hardwoods like Ipe, so it should hold up well to wear and stains. We had a seminar about it at work for exterior use recently but the same company (Moso) makes interior flooring as well. I’ve been meaning to do some more research into it but haven’t had time. 

  4. Hutchinson (OES) hydraulic mount +  OEM front mount

    6801722H.jpg?1496380965  9480190.jpg?1496383094

    Couple new vacuum check valves (PN 1275226, thanks @B Mac) and a whole bunch of black silicone vacuum line to replace all the vacuum lines in my engine bay.  I still need to order a bunch of spring clamps, but I'm waiting to order those until I can measure the OD of each size silicone line.


    A SPDT relay, a few Weatherpack connectors, some spools of wire, and Weatherpack crimper & pin removal tool.



    Plus a couple of these stupid fuel line/fuel rail connectors and o-rings, a new bushing and bearing for my VC, and rear wheel bearing snap rings from Tasca

    e171bbbdd808390490628ead998fb0ea.jpg?cb= 227eccdaa61347637f9cff56250d1f6f.jpg?cb=


    7 hours ago, gmsgltr said:

    Speaking of Mike and money... Mike are you still in flooring? I need 1500 sqft of flooring for the entire downstairs of our new place. I bought some samples... scratched the shit out of them, tried to dent them, soaked them in water and I am still torn because 'laminate' seems to get such a bad rap...

    What kind of laminate did you buy?  I'm not in flooring, but I have some experience with different products from work (Architect)

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  5. On 12/4/2019 at 2:29 PM, gmsgltr said:


    we got a 82" for our conf room recently too. no full array panel so it looks pretty bad IMO.

    What do you typically use the display for Greg?

    On 12/6/2019 at 6:50 PM, JaredR1 said:

    Seems like most TVs don't work out well as computer monitors.  We just got huge TVs in the conference rooms at work with the wifi conferencing and all that and they look pretty bad, too (we'd been rocking a single projector we had to move around as needed since we moved into this space in March LOL).  I miss the projector; just plug it in and zero lag.  It was awesome.

    We don’t do much video so I wasn’t too concerned about that when selecting the TV for our conference room.  This was a “low cost/proof of concept” option for us before a more significant office renovation in a couple years from now. 

    We had a projector that we got tired of dealing with finding the right adapter/connection for whichever device someone was using. Now the TV is set up to have wireless connections for any and all devices so life is good. 

  6. On 12/2/2019 at 6:49 PM, RBoy8 said:

    Wow what kind of roof box is that?

    A cold one 😂

    On 12/3/2019 at 9:07 AM, gmsgltr said:


    I love snow!

    Me too, but I don’t love how everyone immediately forgets how to drive once the first snow flake falls. 

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  7. 8 hours ago, Andzey said:

    Could you please post the part numbers of those ceramic pads, otherwise it seems like there are not many options for replacement rather then oem

    Yup. The funny part is that when I looked up the Bosch part number, it turns out that they’re not ceramic, they’re semi-metallic and FCP’s site is wrong. I adjusted my post to reflect this. 

    The pads I used are Volvo part #30648382, Bosch part #BP-795. The generic pad shape is D795, which can be cross referenced with any manufacturers catalog to check availability. Brembo, Jurid, Stoptech, and others all offer pads for this caliper

  8. On 10/26/2019 at 12:41 PM, apeacock said:

    Thankfully the cars are setup with diagonal circuits so you do still get stopping power when a line is broken. 

    Good point, and one I hadn’t thought of. Although I thought these cars actually have 3 circuits - the fronts are on their own independent circuits and the rears are on 1 combined circuit. 

    New rear pads/rotors got installed this weekend.  I went with Centric rotors and Bosch semi-metallic pads.  I also replaced both parking brake cables and installed new parking brake shoes.  Those will require some adjustment to be properly working, but I'm just happy the old cables are gone. The sheath had cracked in a couple spots on each cable, and consequently the cables were bound up and causing the shoes to drag on the drum.


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  9. Got a good wash in a couple weeks ago, and gave everything a coat of CarPro Reload to help maintain the protection the CarPro CQuartz ceramic coating offers.  Reload is awesome, I can't recommend it enough for a "spray wax" type application once every month or two to keep everything glossy and sealed up.  The results are pretty legit :cool: 




    Then a few days later on my way to work (while the forum was "frozen") the biggest "oh shit" moment I've ever had with this car happened.  I was behind a dump truck heading towards a red light down the hill next to my apartment when the brake pedal went soft and traveled another inch towards the firewall.  Realizing this meant something had significantly failed in my brake system, I downshifted and stood on the brake pedal to get the car safely stopped without hitting the truck in front of me.  After successfully holding the stop on the hill, I was able to turn and limp up the hill about half a mile home without needing my brakes.  

    A quick walk around the car revealed brake fluid splattered on the frame rail behind my passenger side rear wheel.  I stick my phone up behind the wheel and this is what I found:


    The stock rubber hose (factory original to the best of my knowledge) had failed close to the caliper. 


    It was a matter of time for these hoses - the outer rubber and fabric lining had deteriorated to nearly the point of failure at a couple other points too.   Moral of the story - don't trust 20 year old rubber.


    I had a set of braided lines I was planning to install, so a couple days later, I took advantage of a sunny Saturday to get the braided lines installed.  They didn't get delivered in time to install that day, but I have new pads/rotors and ebrake cables/shoes/hardware to install on the rear.  The calipers are both in good shape, so no further work needed on those.



    Hit 219,00 miles on the chassis earlier this week.  That makes it 10,000 miles since installing the B5234T9 in January, so a total of 137k on the engine.  (I'm mostly typing all that out so I can refer back to it at some point in the future)


  10. On 10/3/2019 at 11:01 AM, Andzey said:

    Do you know anything about that extraordinary unit on the right? Owner's FB or IG account? Would love to see the whole bodywork. 

    Besides, what is the right keyword searching these flaps on corners of front bumper? 

    Owner’s IG is nickbelmonte, he’s got a lot of photos there

    On 10/3/2019 at 11:30 AM, gmsgltr said:

    canards - thats what they are called 

    Andy I love your car/wheels/color but what are ya gonna do with the headlights? 😛

    Thanks greg, I gotta finish up rebuilding the dual projector retrofit I had on my old car. 

    On 10/3/2019 at 3:31 PM, quiksilver said:

    Andy, headlights are the windows to the soul.

    I’ve honestly been wondering how long it’d take you guys to give me shit for the ABM turns 😂

    On 10/3/2019 at 5:28 PM, Brad850 said:

    Party on the sides business in the front... that's Andy 

    Yup, Brad nailed it!

    10 hours ago, tuner4life said:

    I feel the pain with the headlights though. I own over 10 cars and I can get crystal/projector/custom/etc headlights for almost any of them way cheaper than a set of decent Jewels or ABMs for my X70s.

    I’m gonna run retrofits, I have all the parts, just need to stop being lazy. Also I have 1 jewel, but I would need to buy the other and get matching corners. 

    5 hours ago, Andzey said:

    Thanks! They are somehow cool, somehow stupid. Acceptable on timeattack monsters, but would also be sweet on swedemetal if trimmed correctly with good taste? 

    Imo the best receipt for our vagon's headlight is taking old jewels, new lenses and morimoto hids. 

    Yeah, jewels are the easy/clean/OEM+ option and they’re popular for good reason but I’m doing something a little different. Check out some of the earlier photos of my 99 R for details.