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  1. Awesome, glad to hear it’s working as expected! I hope we’ll get some video of a pull soon
  2. Do you know what spring rate the QA1s valved for? Is there a mismatch between the valving of the QA1s and your spring rate that’s impacting the articulation of the rear suspension? To test it in RWD, I recommend removing the passenger axle. Get a cheap parts store axle and separate it at the CV joints. To stop debris from getting into the AG and to prevent fluid leaking out, stab the inner shaft in the transmission and AG - the carrier bearing will hold it in place. Run the outer CV cup in the whee bearing so the tone ring is there to keep the ABS happy. It’s more work but it keeps
  3. What spring rate are you running with the QA1s?
  4. andyb5

    Eriks 850

    That’s awesome, you’ve gotta be excited to have it back! How long was it in the shop?
  5. A few highlights from the most recent 40 or so pages
  6. This was one of the best OT threads going for a while. Time to go reread a bunch and laugh my ass off.
  7. Not yet! That’ll happen just as soon as I buy a gauge for it. Did you install yours?
  8. I can't blame you for getting side-tracked by the new truck - that LX570 looks really cool, those are super nice. My buddy picked up a J200 Land Cruiser (I forget which year) a little ways back and it's a really impressive vehicle. Yeah, I was really surprised by how much it helped out. Yeah, I'm running the 99 transmission mount on with the bracket Hussein made. Thanks! Yeah, I've been really impressed with the M12 impact so far. I use it for just about anything on the car I can. To pick up where I left off on my last post, I replaced the OEM battery ca
  9. I've mostly just been driving this everyday because I've been too busy to bite off any major projects. I guess I should get this thread caught up since my last "update" was about 11 months ago... Back in December, I was driving from my parent's house in RI to my place in Troy NY (3 hours and ~190 miles) and hit a pothole at about 60 mph. It blew a hole at 2 separate points in the sidewall - I'm actually shocked it didn't bend/crank the rim. The tire went flat almost instantly, but luckily I was able to pull over without anything else getting damaged. Fortunately, I had my ne
  10. Yeah, they’re in 2 totally different categories of modifications. I’d be crazy to buy/touch all the stuff associated with a K24 swap (turbo, inlet piping, modify IC piping, modify downpipe, main water pipe, coolant lines, oil feed line) just to get a different mediocre journal bearing turbo platform (turbine housing cracks, larger diameter shaft needed to use upgraded wheels) and still need a retune at the end of all of that. The 18T I bought drops right into my car without any messing around. For the work involved in a K24 swap, I’d rather install an actual big turbo (EFR 7064/716
  11. I already have an RN car (00 chassis and 04 engine) but yeah the water pipes and downpipe are the 2 things I don’t wanna deal with (because AWD) in the car - I’m gonna be working on jack stands so that influenced my decision. I also wanna see what the 18T is like once we really turn it up. Maybe a bit of E85 for fun? Only time will tell
  12. You’ll have a lot more options for upgraded/hybrid K24s. I wanted to stick with the 18T so it’s a nice direct replacement for the 18T I already have on the car. It’s my daily driver and I don’t wanna deal with the downtime/hassle of a K24 swap.
  13. Brand new Melett 18T CHRA with upgraded seals/bearings, an 11/0 blade billet compressor wheel, 9 blade turbine, and all VSR balanced for ~$350 shipped. Here's what I started with: The upgrades are available by request if you send them an email.
  14. Matt, for the dw300 install - Ben McNally (@B Mac) sells custom-machined sleeves to fit the pump into the stock pickup. He has them ready to ship if you shoot him a message. I bought one for my car that I hope to install soon
  15. Hmm, yeah that’s weird. Thanks for the explanation Matt!
  16. I’m a bit late to ask, but do the CV adapter flanges you designed for the rear diff accomplish the same thing as these flanges Ben sells?
  17. Connects a fused relay accessory to the stock accessory connector without needing any splicing or cutting of the factory harness.
  18. I’m not quite sure yet, but probably not as much as will be possible. I’m curious to see what the range of adjustment will actually end up being.
  19. Turned an FCP warranty refund into a Powerflex order
  20. Looks awesome Corey, love the wheels/ride height combo.
  21. If by “bolt-on” you mean, does the transmission bolt up? Yes, it does. The mechanical side of it is pretty simple for a 99 R - the M66 transmission, angle gear, axles, and driveshaft all bolt right up. You’ll need a custom bracket to use the stock 99 R transmission mount. However, the harder part to handle will be getting a tune to fully convert the ECU to manual by removing the 4,000 RPM limiter and fixing the throttle mapping. Where are you located?
  22. Mike nailed it for LVP products, I was gonna say the same thing. You want to compare the thickness/depth of the wear layer to evaluate durability. I haven’t specified any snap together, but we use a lot of Shaw or Mannington/Amtico on my projects (multi-family residential/commercial)
  23. What kind of look (wood, tile, etc) are you going for? Laminate or LVT sound like good options from a performance standpoint (based on kids/dog) and ease of install. If you wanted real wood, an engineered wood product (basically hardwood on top of plywood) meets your price point. Is tile an option you’re considering? That’s generally the most durable option. An intriguing possibility is bamboo flooring. It’s really dense, more so than Brazilian hardwoods like Ipe, so it should hold up well to wear and stains. We had a seminar about it at work for exterior use recently but the same c