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  1. Hutchinson (OES) hydraulic mount + OEM front mount Couple new vacuum check valves (PN 1275226, thanks @B Mac) and a whole bunch of black silicone vacuum line to replace all the vacuum lines in my engine bay. I still need to order a bunch of spring clamps, but I'm waiting to order those until I can measure the OD of each size silicone line. A SPDT relay, a few Weatherpack connectors, some spools of wire, and Weatherpack crimper & pin removal tool. Plus a couple of these stupid fuel line/fuel rail connectors and o-rings, a new bushing and bearing
  2. Awesome work so far Matt, just got caught up on a bunch of videos and have a couple more to go. Really enjoying seeing apply some serious engineering to this old AWD system - I’m excited to see where you take it when you get out on the track!
  3. What do you typically use the display for Greg? We don’t do much video so I wasn’t too concerned about that when selecting the TV for our conference room. This was a “low cost/proof of concept” option for us before a more significant office renovation in a couple years from now. We had a projector that we got tired of dealing with finding the right adapter/connection for whichever device someone was using. Now the TV is set up to have wireless connections for any and all devices so life is good.
  4. A cold one 😂 Me too, but I don’t love how everyone immediately forgets how to drive once the first snow flake falls.
  5. Nice buys Greg, sounds like it’ll be a cool setup! I ordered a 75” Vizio for our conference room at work a week ago and during the research I did, all the Sony stuff seemed really nice.
  6. We got 14” of snow so far, and it’s still falling
  7. M12 Stubby 3/8" Impact M12 Die Grinder M12 XC6.0 battery Took advantage of some Cyber Monday deals and pulled the trigger on a couple tools I had been considering. Anyone else do any shopping today?
  8. Yup. The funny part is that when I looked up the Bosch part number, it turns out that they’re not ceramic, they’re semi-metallic and FCP’s site is wrong. I adjusted my post to reflect this. The pads I used are Volvo part #30648382, Bosch part #BP-795. The generic pad shape is D795, which can be cross referenced with any manufacturers catalog to check availability. Brembo, Jurid, Stoptech, and others all offer pads for this caliper
  9. Good point, and one I hadn’t thought of. Although I thought these cars actually have 3 circuits - the fronts are on their own independent circuits and the rears are on 1 combined circuit. New rear pads/rotors got installed this weekend. I went with Centric rotors and Bosch semi-metallic pads. I also replaced both parking brake cables and installed new parking brake shoes. Those will require some adjustment to be properly working, but I'm just happy the old cables are gone. The sheath had cracked in a couple spots on each cable, and consequently the cables were bound up and causing the
  10. x2 SKF rear wheel bearings x2 parking brake cables x2 Centric vented rear rotors Bosch ceramic rear pads My ebay heatercore is leaking and I'd rather spend the extra money to get a Behr that'll last longer and have a lifetime warranty if it doesn't last that long.
  11. Got a good wash in a couple weeks ago, and gave everything a coat of CarPro Reload to help maintain the protection the CarPro CQuartz ceramic coating offers. Reload is awesome, I can't recommend it enough for a "spray wax" type application once every month or two to keep everything glossy and sealed up. The results are pretty legit Then a few days later on my way to work (while the forum was "frozen") the biggest "oh shit" moment I've ever had with this car happened. I was behind a dump truck heading towards a red light down the hill next to my apartment when the b
  12. That completely sucks Brad. Looks like the bumper, corners and IC all survived though?
  13. Owner’s IG is nickbelmonte, he’s got a lot of photos there Thanks greg, I gotta finish up rebuilding the dual projector retrofit I had on my old car. I’ve honestly been wondering how long it’d take you guys to give me shit for the ABM turns 😂 Yup, Brad nailed it! I’m gonna run retrofits, I have all the parts, just need to stop being lazy. Also I have 1 jewel, but I would need to buy the other and get matching corners. Yeah, jewels are the easy/clean/OEM+ option and they’re popular for good reason but I’m doing something a little different. Check out so
  14. Thanks Mikey Appreciate it Josh!
  15. So, I've been lazy in updating this thread over the summer. Here's what's happened since my last post May. @AJp80 and I took a ride out to Ithaca for the annual Euro meet. It's always a great time to see everyone and catch up with @lookforjoe @apeacock @sconeman and many others at the show. Here's a couple of random shots from around town this summer I replaced my AC compressor, drier, and orifice tube. The orifice tube was gross - as far as I can tell it's original to the car so I'm glad I replaced it after all these years. After all that the AC blows ic
  16. At a local car show earlier today. It was quite a show. There were 415 cars entered, and the host venue ran out of show parking and had to turn people away. For an American-car centric show, I got a surprising number of people asking me about my car.
  17. Replaced the AC receiver/drier and orifice tube, changed the engine oil, and replaced the dying evap purge valve.
  18. In June my girlfriend and I went on vacation to Ireland and Portugal, we had no issues with any kind of anti-American sentiment in either country.
  19. Wow, if it wasn’t for bad luck, you’d have no luck at all. Sorry to hear about all the trouble you’ve been having George.
  20. Grocery getter getting groceries
  21. From earlier today at Ithaca Euro Meet with @AJp80 Had a fantastic time, weather was perfect and it was awesome to see both @apeacock @lookforjoe again
  22. They’ll stay red for the time being. If and/or when I refinish them in the future, I’ll look at color matching them but that’s down the road a bit. Good idea though!! Thanks for compliments, and I really appreciate the comparison to Will! He’s been an awesome source of info to this community over the years, so that’s high praise as far as I’m concerned. I’m not sure what he’s up to lately, I haven’t seen anything for him in a while. Good in the info on the rotors. I’ll keep an eye out and if they need it, wire wheel them when I clean my calipers haha. This setup is already better
  23. I took advantage of some free time and the nice weather this past weekend to get my big front brake kit installed, and did a little bit of “while I’m in there” work too: I started the project by stripping and cleaning the front spindles that were originally on this R when I bought it. Since this wagon never saw road salt until I bought it, the spindles even have some of the factory paint left. None of the other cars I’ve worked on were in this kind of shape! Spend a while taping off all the “critical” surfaces and they’re ready for paint: After several coats of