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  1. Time to install the Porsche BBK from my old wagon: Stoptech slotted 330mmx32mm rotors from Zeckhausen Racing: x2 Stoptech 309 pads from FCP ATE Typ. 200 fluid from FCP Plus 2 new FAG wheel bearings and associated hardware: x2 x8 x2 I already have the 996TT calipers, custom brackets, and custom braided hoses.
  2. 😂😂😂 Congratulations Greg!
  3. That’s an epic trip! I’m sure I’m not the only one looking forward to your impressions once you get behind the wheel. Do you have any MPH goal for the 1/2 mile event?
  4. VVT solenoid blockoff plate. An easy option but not the best for performance though. Aaron’s tunes can have basic control of VVT on RN-swapped M4.4 cars and it makes a noticeable improvement in spool time. Go check out his latest Instagram post showing the difference in spool times on @B_Dub‘s wagon.
  5. Congratulations, that’s awesome Brandon, you must be so excited to go for a drive!
  6. Thanks brad, love you too! 😂 thanks Brandon! I need some big brake caliper to help fill out the wheels a bit better but I’m pretty happy with how it sits right now. Thanks! Your looks good, Propus are a great choice! Fingers crossed you get that low boost issue sorted out, that stuff can be super frustrating. Lookin so good AJ!
  7. Fix it Lucas! Fix it Lucas!!
  8. Thanks Brandon! Thanks greg! Just plain black center caps for the winter but I have nice BBS ones like this picture for when I put my summers on
  9. Got a little free time to get this thing all cleaned up and I gotta say that I still love how this wagon looks. Even ~2 years after buying it, I still find myself spending an embarrassing amount of time admiring the way the paint shifts color and has so many different highlights and tones based on how the light hits it.
  10. Yeah, all the spring force is against the collar. The collar engages several of the threads at once so it helps to spreads the force out.
  11. Lookin good Brandon/Aaron!! I’m excited to see it all come together
  12. Mostly just driving it every day. This photo is from a few weeks ago, but nothing has changed. I washed all the salt and sand in the picture off, only for it to get reapplied a few days later when it snowed again. It needs the angle gear replaced and the driveshaft reinstalled because FWD is getting really old. Oh, and I need to replace the drivers front wheel speed sensor.
  13. 😂 something like that. I’m unclear on the exact moment that I noticed the problem but I think that I continued to drive it for close to 3 weeks afterwards #oops Thanks Lucas. It’s been up and running correctly for ~2 months now, and I’ve been really happy with it. I can text you the details of the swap but it was in the $1500 range. It was $600 for the engine plus I spent about $800 in maintenance parts. That’s exactly the sound! There really isn’t too much worth saving from this motor, if I built a motor I’ll start with a later RN like the 04 2.3 that’s in the car now.
  14. Exactly! Plus, now I can say I’ve killed an engine, that makes me cool right? Nope, it’ll get turned into a table. The head would probably be okay to reuse, I rebuilt it a few years ago but it’s a single VVT, hydro lifter RN head so it’s not really anything special or valuable.
  15. Yesterday I did an “autopsy” on the B5234T8 to 1) find the source of the knocking noise, and 2) find what could have caused the noise to occur. This was really fun and quite satisfying in the end. I didn’t take any pictures of the first couple steps but I stripped the remaining ancillary bits off, pulled the cylinder head, and removed the oil pan. After removing the oil pan, I found a failed o-ring at the connection between the oil pan and the crankcase. With close to 240,000 miles on the engine, I have no record of these o-rings being replaced. At this point I suspect the o
  16. That really sucks Thanks!! Still not sure on carlisle yet, leaning towards going but nothings been decided yet
  17. Kinda cool to see airflow around the car made visible by the salt spray from the roads. It’ll get washed soon
  18. If you don’t mind getting a couple pictures, that would be great. Thanks! I’ll send you a text with the part/casting number. Thanks!
  19. I have OEM 99 axles that are in pretty good shape. I’d prefer to find a 99 angle gear so I can continue to use them instead of hunting for an axle to pair with my 00 R angle gear. I’ve had awful luck with aftermarket passenger axles, ran a few different brands with the same results - torn boot or excess play in less than 12 months from installing it. So, if anyone has a 99 angle gear they’re looking to sell, let me know!
  20. Yeah, I think the 99 XC should be the same as the 99 R angle gear I have in there right now. Last night I finished assembling everything and got it ready to start up. It fired on the first try, and no leaks either! I was (still am, to be honest) ecstatic. This project was a lot more involved that I originally expected. I spent all my free time working on it over the last week and that took a toll on me both physically and mentally. I’m really happy it’s done. I’ll drive it home tonight once I finish cleaning my tools and spare parts up
  21. I vote you fix your wagon too!! You built too cool a car to let it waste away, show it some love and get it back on the street. Do you have any idea if the PO put a new one in when it was replaced, or did they buy a used one? Feel free to text me if you’d prefer. I know, the timing of both of us messing with the water pipes is kinda funny. I wouldn’t want anyone to run the one that came off the 04 motor, it was all rusted inside and out, plus I had to abuse it pretty hard to get it out of the block so it’s destined for the scrap heap. Yeah a 99 XC angle gear should work, is
  22. I made some more good progress last night. I had a friend add a bung for a wideband O2 sensor to my downpipe while it was out of the car. I do still plan to get a 3” downpipe at some point, but it was easy to do now and this way I can keep an eye on AFRs. My goal last night was to get the subframe back in and get the car off the lift. I went to finish up installing the PCV system and install the intake manifold, ETM, and vacuum lines. I also installed my Snaab intake pipe (the PTC connection is always a pain) and got the wiring harness back on the car. In order t