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  1. It has been buffed and ceramic coated 😊 I’m thrilled with how the fresh paint and ceramic coating all turned out! I’ll take some better (non-iPhone) pictures but heres a quick preview. The ceramic coating sheds water like it’s glass, and the way it has improved the depth and gloss is hard to capture in a photo, but it’s very noticeable in person.
  2. Ouch. $3900 isn’t a bad offer though, that’s more than I got for my 00 R. Is it gonna get bought back and parted out or sent to the JY? I’d be interested in a few parts off it if you part it out.
  3. I didn’t know the C70 had different glass, good to know! Sucks the C70 glass is so much more expensive than the regular P80 one.
  4. Tasca lists the windshield as available. Under $300 too
  5. Shit, what happened Mike?
  6. Thanks Greg! BBK will go on next spring. That would keep it in the STI family. I’m 99% sure I’m gonna leave them bright red like when they were on my old R
  7. Replaced my control arms. Not as bad as I remembered it to be, and it was definitely good to get rid of the old arms.
  8. Man that hurts to see, hope you can get it all patched up again. Good luck with the big move Mike!
  9. thanks Brad! Gdog, while I don’t have my own garage, I am careful about where I park and it’s typically getting parked in the city garage across the street from my apartment so it’s better than nothing.
  10. Can you swap to a different set of injectors? I realize that will be complicated by the fact that you can’t just slap a spare set of stock injectors in. Or send your injectors to get flow tested/cleaned? Might be worth checking where the injectors seat into the rail and the condition of the o rings in the manifold.
  11. Yeah, I was not pleased when I found out the stripes were under the clear. I’m so happy they’re finally gone. Once the fresh paint is fully hardened I’m gonna have the whole car polished and ceramic coated 😁 It’s currently parked outside of my apartment:
  12. I also got rid of the pinstripes on my R. However, they were underneath the clearcoat. Between the repairs I had done in June and the last week, the whole wagon has been given a fresh coat of Venetian Red. I’ll post more details in my build thread soon.
  13. George, I can’t remember, what injectors are you running?
  14. Lookin good Daren!! I saw one of those E63 wagons around here last week, had a minor case of wagon envy to be honest.
  15. Thanks! The entire drivetrain is from my old 99 R, so I am using the 99 angle gear, axles, and downpipe. The 00 R axles and downpipe won’t work with the M66, so you’ll need to source 99 axles and either modify the stock 00 R downpipe or get an aftermarket one. The 00 R transmission mount is shorter so if you are using it as the basis for a custom M66 trans mount, note that you’ll have to account for the different mount height vs a 98/99 mount. Mark (blackT5) has a lot of these in his “00 R motor/manual swap” thread, I’d recommend checking it out.
  16. Made an appointment to get the rest of it painted 😁
  17. Ben hasn’t posted on here in forever. Guess he’s too busy with his business and all that fun stuff
  18. Correct, they’re 5x114.3 so I’m running adapters to bolt them up.
  19. I spent some time over the weekend getting my STI BBS refinished before mounting up some new 225/45/17 Pilot Super Sports and installing everything on my wagon. The damage to this wheel from when I got hit last September is what prompted the refinish effort: Sand the rough parts down, fill with JB Weld, sand some more and it’s ready for primer: Then spray a few coats of primer: Next, a couple coats Duplicolor Wheel Coating and several coats of clear: Install new valve stems, mount the PSS, balance and they’re ready to go on the car:
  20. My heart was racing when I started to inspect the car for damage, that’s for sure.
  21. Is this the thread you were thinking of? I had to rewatch that video when Porsche released it just to comprehend the level of speed the 919 can carry through the corners. That lap is so fast it literally looks like the video was sped up.
  22. Unfortunately the AWD bumper is only available in blue at the point so even a new bumper would need prep and paint. I’ll make sure to get that sticker removed ASAP!!
  23. Thanks!! In less than great news, one of my neighbors hit my rear bumper when he was parallel parking last night Hes gonna pay to fix it so I’m not mad. Plus, it kinda needed fresh paint anyways. My car will slowly get all new paint, 1 accident at a time 🤦‍♂️ In slightly more exciting news, stopped by Semir’s ( @ds50r) shop to get my AC charged up and it feels so nice to have my air working again!