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  1. Gave it a wash, clay bar, and some Meguiar's cleaner wax. Cleaned interior too. Pics coming tomorrow, hopefully it doesn't get bird-bombed overnight, or too covered in pollen. I hate parking under a tree Also did the same to my mom's Accord too, looks brand new again. Going parts shopping to fix all the stupid little things that are still broken too.
  2. Drove it home from school Loaded it all the way from the front to back, floor to roof with all my crap Then frowned as I tried to accelerate at a decent rate getting onto the highway
  3. Installed the IPD lock pins I got as a birthday gift. Can't get the fronts to sit totally flush I've never felt so dumb trying to install something so simple
  4. Or my architectural design studio final No sleep from Saturday at 11am until 8 pm yesterday
  5. WTF? That's even harder to figure out because I haven't slept in over 48 hours
  6. I've heard (no first hand experience) that they ride pretty similar to OEM Sachs/Boge, but will make the car sit a bit higher than stock.
  7. Lovin' the new pic! Congrats Matt
  8. Hey Fudge Brownie, where in Providence do you live?
  9. Not sure if this has been posted before, I know the article was mentioned in the Show Room, but anyways: Moose Roll
  10. Yeah I wouldn't go back to the movies if I spent my money on a ticket for that god-awful movie..the whole thing was a big dong-fest
  11. RX-AFS projectors 4300k 35W D2S kit from SharpHID Projector retrofit =