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  1. I would say it's either because A) the accusations against him and his tuning methods are true and he has no viable response which will satisfy the people who are dissatisfied with his services, or B.) he is simply not good at dealing with the stress caused by the sh- storm he is experiencing in light of the negative feedback he is receiving. There are some people who simply can't handle stress when it begins mount in a situation like this, and simply shut-off. I'd like to believe this is the case, given the fact he has always been very cordial, timely, and willing to help in our interactions. However, given his bland response in this thread and the fact that he has yet to provide a clear and definitive answer I'm tempted to say it is the former rather than the latter. Customer satisfaction should be number one in a small niche business such as ARD, and part of that is addressing and sorting out issues such as those brought up here and on other forums. I feel that in avoiding the issue he is really just allowing his business to crash into the ground. /End of rant Chris
  2. I'd really love to hear the reasoning as to why Snabb no longer carries ARD tunes, outside of the fact that they may simply be nothing more than modified boost maps. Of course, that's at the discretion of Kristian as stated before. I was planning on purchasing a platinum tune over Thanksgiving weekend, but am happy I waited now. If it comes to be that these tunes really are nothing more than a minimally modified ECU then I may have to find another route... Luckily there are plenty of tuners in my area, including 034 motorsports. Still, a little disheartening as my interactions with Lucky were always positive. Chris
  3. As of this weekend. Spray-bombed the drivers mirror since the paint was fairly dull anyway. Turned out pretty well considering it took all of 30 mins. haha.
  4. Took this just this afternoon near Infineon Raceway.
  5. CLobsinger