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  1. I was in Denver, CO last week (6/16/17). Around City Park West (17th and York St) and saw a yellow T-5R sedan. Who was it?
  2. Megaplex theater parking lot. Highland, Utah.
  3. T5 - you get what get when you buy used. I am very happy with it.
  4. You all realize that this is a pointless debate, that is why there are so many religions.
  5. Here is the 'Magic Underwear' information: Temple Garments this just tells me you didnt read it.
  6. Kevin, I think there is a chip on your shoulder and no matter what is said you will continue to look for anything you can to degrade it. The reality of it is that children are taught to understand God, that he is their Father in Heaven and that he loves them. They learn about Jesus Christ, The Savior, and his role as the Son of God. They learn about the creation, about this earth and why we are here. They learn to understand, love and respect Gods creations and how they play a role in their lives. Of all the things in this world to learn, I want my kids to learn and understand these core principles most of all. Don’t believe me, here is the Primary teaching manual. This information is all public on LDS Primary Manual
  7. I served in Georgia. Did your mission cover both areas?
  8. Alain, where did you serve your mission?
  9. If I have not already said...Repurposed please.
  10. What was the decision on being default COP compatible?
  11. who do we contact to get on the defloater list? You or DScottM?
  12. Until the plastic isolators in the steering wheel break.
  13. None of the pictures are showing in the posts. I want to see.
  14. Is there a cutout here in the piston and that is where the cracking occurred? If so, I would think that is a flaw in the piston design.
  15. They are a dime a dozen out here.
  16. Thanks Ben. I took it to a muffler shop to discuss options. They could not grasp what I was trying to do and were no help at all. I left thinking....whats wrong with you.
  17. I wouldnt put it past the NAACP. Keep in eye on it. Blast from the past. Me in 1988. Parachute pants and all.
  18. I want to but am to lazy to package and post stuff. I have a 80% complete FMIC, some BOV's, MSD 6A's, Intakes, 16T, 18T, 19T, Blah, blah, blah.
  19. I have about a 1/4 inch of space between the firewall and sway. Any movement, be it small, can cause it to tag. I would like to position it in the center and have it held there. I will work on the rest of the exhaust hangers to relieve any tension.
  20. I need ideas on how to stop a V-band from rotating. My exhaust is moving and touching the sway. Looking for ideas to keep the v-band from the turbo from rotating.
  21. The upgraded thrust bearing arrived. Extended tip/billet Assembled the cartridge and putting it back in to the car.
  22. This picture had so much potential.
  23. Your not. I looked too. You cant get to their products unless they let you.
  24. Jon, I didnt understand what you meant. Now I do, made me laugh. Yes that is a tall table and a short welder. The guys welds are amazing!