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  1. i was mad when i wrote that im sticking with ford in fact i was looking at a new 2010 f-250 reg cab long bed 4x4 yesterday. it will be awhile before i buy a truck might replace molly but im partial to her so most likely im keeping molly as a main car and have the truck as a workhorse but if i do that i might buy used but if i can get a good deal on new im going that route.
  2. my parents both worked for Ford my dad 31 years my mom 17 years i drive a volvo now because ford owned the company my parents will be spinning in there graves now...........and so will henry ford, he helped volvo in the 20's. his model T was a big inference on volvo FORD IS PISSING ME OFF WITH THIS DESICION!!!!!!!!!! i was looking at a f150 for a truck bye ford hello dodge
  3. looking for parts for molly