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  1. it's not that they take the jobs that nobody wants, it's that they take the jobs that nobody wants at the wages that are currently paid. The problem is that everyone wants what's cheapest and not necessarily what's best for the country and its legal citizens. If the wages for "jobs that no one wants" (i.e. janitorial work, food service, agriculture, etc) were increased to reflect the demand in labor from employers for those jobs, then legal citizens would want them. So kick out the illegals, raise the wages for shitty jobs, and let everyone pay a little more for fruits, vegetables, and fast food.
  2. Brian! I saw you and your wife there near the end, and then you disappeared again! Were you there the whole time?
  3. Directions from Boston/North Shore Take Route 93 South to Storrow Drive. Take the Fenway exit. Follow Outbound /Riverway signs to Boylston Street (taking a right off the ramp). Boylston St. will merge onto Brookline Ave. Follow Brookline Ave. to the Riverway/Jamaica Way intersection. Turn left onto the Riverway (this will turn into the Jamaica Way). You will go through the intersection with Perkins Street (Max Warburg Sq.) and Jamaica Pond will appear on your right. Go 1/2 way around the rotary (Kelley Circle) and at the lights turn right onto Pond Street. Pond Street will turn into Newton Street. The museum is located in Larz Anderson Park on the right about a 1/2 mile from the rotary. Directions from West (Rte. 128/ I-95) Take Rte. 128/ I-95 to Rte. 9 towards Boston. You will eventually pass the Chestnut Hill Mall on your left. Six lights after the Mall, you come to a major intersection (approx. 5 miles from Rte 128/ Rte. 9 intersection). Take a right onto Lee St. (If you pass the reservoir on Rte. 9 you’ve gone to far). Follow Lee to it’s end. This is Newton St. Turn left onto Newton St. Stay to the right around the bend. The museum is in Larz Anderson Park which is 1/4 mile on the left. Directions from Boston/South Shore Take Rte. 3/ I-93 to exit 11. Granite Ave/Ashmont. Follow Granite Ave north to second traffic light, then turn left onto Rte. 203. Follow Rte. 203 (also called Gallivan and later Morton Blvd.) to the rotary where the Arborway and Rte. 203 meet. Follow the Arborway for 1/2 mile, merging left with traffic. You will come to a third rotary (Kelley Circle). Follow the rotary 3/4 of the way around to the light, effectively reversing your direction. Turn right onto Pond Street which becomes Newton Street. The museum is located in the park on the right 1/2 mile from the rotary. You have gone too far if Jamaica Pond is on your left.
  4. my cell for anyone who has trouble finding the location:
  5. Oh man, I can't wait for tomorrow! It should be another perfect weather day, just like the one we had last year P.S. I still have some parts available for sale/trade that I really want to get rid of, so if you want any of the stuff listed there, PM or IM me tonight and let me know and I'll bring it with me tomorrow!
  6. oh, if anyone has a new or excellent condition OEM 850 grille with emblem, please bring it - I'll trade you my black iPd mesh grille with OEM slash and R emblem for your stock grille + some $$. PM or IM me and we'll work out the details!
  7. I thought they did too...unfortunately I really needed the money at the time and I had to part with them The worst decision I ever made for my car
  8. obviously because Volvo called it the "Le Mans" wheel :rolleyes:
  9. how it was when I first bought the car (~early Summer '04): Summer '05: Fall '05: Summer '06: as it sits now (Fall '06):
  10. found it; "Le Mans" steering wheel:
  11. i think we discussed this a while back, and it is called the "le mans" steering wheel, available from Volvo for the 850 series cars. I saw it in a Volvo catalog/pdf that someone sent me a while back.
  12. motronic 4.3 and 4.4 can't control boost spikes well on the 19T (actually, any of the newer turbos with the angled exhaust flanges and larger exhaust outlets).