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  1. ^^ "hip hop" video.... :FacePalm: What's the deal, no more Air Force??
  2. Why's this gotta be AT&T, huh??? My iPhone's just about dead right now. How's the NWC doin??
  3. His narration voice is okay but it's too similar to the character voices which all sound too similar to one another so everything kinda slur all together. That and the harsh pronunciation of his voice ruins it for me. You can hear a sample on audible...
  4. I have the audiobooks but haven't listened to them yet. Well I tried, but the narrator (Roy Dotrice) is making the series a little hard to get into.
  5. That's pretty wack that someone would take a grill.
  6. Well I suppose that lessens our chances to get you back in the PNW huh? Lol. It was great to have you back for the garage sale, Spencer!
  7. That'd be wicked cool if you could manage that. I would love to be just a touch lower and still rock the 4C
  8. It'd be nice as an option whenever the components need replacing. That stuff is spendy to replace. Is it even possible to disable the 4C through VIDA?
  9. I don't know if the ones on the XC90 really count... Haha. I couldn't tell you what the deal with mine were. Both just have little hair line looking cracks on the back side of the spoke. The cracks weren't all the way through the spokes or anything, but I'd hate to chance it and have total failure at 80mph on the freeway. Short answer, The Four-C (Continuous Controlled Chassis Concept) suspension. It's pretty damn cool IMHO but it limits how far you can lower the car.
  10. I totally I missed that. Great color choice, those will look amazing with the Sonic Blue.
  11. Can you notice the hint of bronze in the wheel? It's a PITA to catch it in a photo. What color??? Oh wait, let me guess, I'll have to wait for iPd right??? I'm stoked to see your car this year, Danny! Gotcha. Yeah, both of the wheels that were cracked were powder coated.
  12. Lol. I wish I could do coilovers on the R! I gotta give Carson Props too. I just got home a bit ago from picking up a set Pegs from him as well. Now I just need to sand them down and rattle can 'em. Just need to figure out what color.... Sure did. I like them much better then the gloss black.
  13. What if I says it needs Moar Stance???? Hahhaha Looks great, Jackson! I'm really glad things worked out for you.
  14. That works for me. Name your price good sir.
  15. How bad are they? Bent, or curb rash/superficial damage?