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  1. I won't go into any philosophical debate on ethnicity or race when it comes to career opportunities, however it is not only common that this is a factor in hiring, but it is also a required statistic that has to be provided to the government on an annual basis by any publicly held company. Furthermore, publicly held companies are 'encouraged' to develop business and use 'minority suppliers' for any outsourced support functions. This is another statistic that must be reported to the government. It is couched in a lot of other policies around the benefits of large corporations being 'culturally diverse' but the end result is the same....race and ethnicity are a factor in hiring practices and the award of outsourcing contracts.
  2. Umm err...Mitt is a bit of a waffler on this issue (he abstained from most of the critical voting on this issue). If your really head strong on supporting the troops, McCain would be the vote getter. I hate to say I'm still undecided, but none of the candidates Dem or Republican are clear stand-outs IMO. I am histofically a Republican due to the physical budget policies (but clearly Bush hasn't abided by historical budgetary policy). I'm still likely to go Republican because I don't think the economy can stand the democrats propensity for spending. I must say though, Obama, although still wet behind the ears, is an incredibly good speaker and motivator. If he wins, it will be becuase of his charisma, not his experience. Hillary is very experienced, but the Clinton's have so much history in the Capital, that I think it will be difficult for her to create the needed change. Mostly because she will be so weighed down by the pacts and political alliances that got her to the White House.
  3. News On Site Status

    I'm just happy this site is back up. I needed a fix baaad!!! If the only thing we lost was post counts and have to update sigs, I can live with it. Just happy to have the board back .
  4. Parting Out 850r Black

    Is the abs module still available. Looking for an interum unit while I send mine off. Part # 914-0773. It is one w/o tracs. Thanks Chris