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  1. Took the cat off of the parts car and installed on the 245, hopefully it will pass emissions inspection now. 15 minutes to take off of the parts car, 2 hours to install onto the 245. The bolts on the donor cat flange were the pressed in type and rusted in, ended up cutting them flush with the flange and drilling the 3 holes needed for the bolts.
  2. Ha Ha, I thought this thread would be booming today! Probably too early though, I'm sure later when some start falling out of bed. Happy New Year!
  3. For the 245: installed the driveshaft that I rebuilt, replaced the shifter bushings to reduce shifter slop, repaired small rust hole in the right rear wheel well and put on a replacement mud flap that was missing.
  4. Worked on the 245 yesterday: Turned off SRS light, Fastened the gauge cluster back into place, Fixed the broken wire that runs through the tailgate hinge for the third brake light, Made sure the rear defroster works, Replaced one license plate bulb, Lubed door and hood hinges. Oh, and picked up an almost mint set of Columbas.
  5. Pulled the gauge cluster out of the 245 beater to see if the bad odo gear was 25 or 26 tooth, ordered a 25 tooth gear along with some bulbs. In doing so, I noticed that the bulbs were out in the spots for "service" and "check engine" lights, I'm like #*@%! I hope the CEL isn't on! Moved bulbs from a different location to those spots and started the car, all is good! Hope it stays that way although the service light wouldn't be a big deal.
  6. There is only appx 15-18mm gap between Mikes rear tires and fender, a finger just fits in there. 10mm spacers is probably the max to go to be safe. I have some old school universal aluminum 7mm(really 1/4 ")spacers at home that we can play around with.
  7. Cars are almost never finished, they're a work in progress.
  8. Ok. Just your area for no junkyard access or all of NY state?
  9. H, I may have a cam gear cover in the garage if you don't get to a JY. I'll check. Edit: I do have a RN gear cover, pm me if you would like it.
  10. Passion Red S40 T5M, rear spoiler, blacked out wheels and lettering, lowered. Was at Wawa Fort Washington Pa across from the Volvo dealer this afternoon.
  11. Did the 37 mile(2,300 ft climbing) ride option of Alex's Lemonade "The Lemon Ride" yesterday. Sram was there with their support Volvo's, and I found my very own street!
  12. 2004 Specialized Sequoia Elite, 105 Group, purchase new in Feb. 2005, very comfortable ride for my aging body, I love it!
  13. Driving my wife's 48,000 mile 01 XC around today, was getting a worsening miss, I hooked up my code reader and turns out that the #4 coil was bad. I replaced it with an old extra one that I had in my garage, all is well now.
  14. To add to the washer grinding, we ended up grinding all the way around the washer and took appx .050 off the sides, for a diameter reduction of .100 of an inch in the event that the washer turned upon re-assembly. It seems that the top pigtail on some of the IPD springs is wound a bit too tight, causing it to shift in the spring seat and rub the bumpstop washer. I recommend anyone installing aftermarket springs to check for this.