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  1. Its been awhile NWC. I miss my 855 and it still sits around in the garage. My budget is there but the time isn't so I haven't done much aside from the monthly crank and idle to running temps. I'm hoping to do a manual swap one of these days if I come across the right box and all. As for now I've been doing a few things to the Mazda 3 starting with a Racing Beat RSB and exhaust along with a E-Focus rear motor mount and a set of RPF1s. I was able to reuse the Michelin AS/3 I bought for the 850 for the setup. Hope everyone else around is doing well.
  2. I'd stretch the money for a Panasonic VT or ZT if your budget allows. Best you can buy. As a side note, my electricity bill actually went up roughly 25% because of the plasma. It also gets really warm so make sure you have proper ventilation.
  3. How has the NWC been lately? Unfortunately no updates on the 850... still sitting around in the garage since I don't have much time anymore. If you see a dark grey Mazda 3 with gold Tecnomagnesio's feel free to give me a wave. I still keep my eyes out for Volvos on the road.
  4. Speedway? I rolled by once to get a estimate and saw the place and didn't bother. For my money I would have just gone to Larry's in South Seattle.
  5. Anybody know of a good BMW forum to check out? Not getting rid of the Volvo but would like a third car for the weekend. Looking specifically for a Z4 M Coupe.
  6. Picked up two factory Beretta 9mm 30 round mags. I plan on picking up an A1 soon as my first gun.
  7. I bought dim sum today. Doesn't sound like much but I fought off a ticket in court today and used the money to eat instead. Suck on it City of Seattle.
  8. Does anyone local have a set of fuel injectors laying around? Looking to buy a set to rebuild. Thanks.
  9. Good luck with the insurance. Around Oct of last year my father's car got rear ended by some uninsured guy too. Insurance tried to stall it out and we finally settled it around mid-Jan of this year. This is even with a documented police report, photos, and witnesses. Just stay persistent and consider a lawyer if they keep beating around the bush.
  10. Panasonic VT50 55 incher. Got it for a price that's hard to resist.
  11. Any recommendations for a good cheap paint shop? Need a bumper resprayed.
  12. Ah, a Symbian holdout until the very end. I still take my E71 out on occasions. Right now I'm debating sticking with the N9 for a bit longer, upgrading to the 920, or switching to an Android unit for good.
  13. I sold some worn tires to a used tire shop awhile back on Rainier Ave if you just wanna get rid of them.
  14. Thanks for the leads. I'll keep my eye out on the PDX and Seattle CL. I don't mind going for a nicer set if it comes along and switching my Volans to winter duty if it comes to it.