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  1. Honeyman

    How Your Car Sits

    Not out to pasture yet.
  2. Honeyman

    What Did You Do To Your Car Today.

    Dicked around with that door strap mount.
  3. Honeyman

    How Your Car Sits

    When the moon’s in your eye.
  4. 03 E39 manual that I couldn’t pass up... probably a flip wilson after I give her some love and drive a while. (Y)
  5. Honeyman

    How Your Car Sits

    Heading back to the barn...now at 325k. (Y)
  6. Honeyman

    How Your Car Sits

    Everything is fine, Andy, thanks for askin' If only...lol Ah well, this is my exe's handi-work. I gave her the wagon many months ago, only to buy it back after she trashed it. Says the sun was in her eyes...hmmpf. And I'd definitely consider that the stamp of a 4"x4" post - at a pretty good clip. Had to bring it back into the fold. Even if I fix and sell it.
  7. Honeyman

    How Your Car Sits

    Meanwhile down in Va, a saffron setback. Fixable, but what an ass chapper.
  8. Will do, Timo, and that's a fresh brake setup...I've got some front pads going in this weekend (maybe)
  9. Hey Michael! Missed you on the parkway this year. Hope you're doin' good.
  10. Honeyman

    Bike Pics!

    Rolling old school
  11. Honeyman

    How Your Car Sits

    Hey Timo, Sounds great, but maybe a little loud at times...1400 to 1600 rpms under a load makes the resonator, well, resonate. Highway speeds are fine. I've heard others remark that they removed resonator and kept muffler with good results, too. That way there isn't as much noise inside the cabin. But in my neck of the woods, it sounds like most of the other trucks.