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  1. Being a truck. Its a bit of a tight fit.
  2. Loooooong time since wagon's been washed so I felt kinda bad. Ended up busting out the buffing wheel and compound buffed the whole thing. Its been a while since she looked this good. Then added another sticker.
  3. Its soooooooooo close to being consistently nice out.
  4. Washed this guy. While still working on this one. The Thore's look really good on your wagon. Like an updated Vollan.
  5. Steering Rack Rebuild!! So much fun, especially on a crawler.
  6. Getting ready for Carlisle.
  7. The work horse And the impractical
  8. Yesterday And today. Close to two feet now.
  9. That xc bumper really ties the room together.
  10. Been driving it around for the past three days. Well worth the amount of work it took to get it here. And now that I have the coupe up to a daily driver condition I can start giving my wagon some much needed cosmetic lovin.
  11. Quoted because you deserve it. Hot damn that's one good looking 854, love how you stayed true to the grey rub strips.
  12. Still apart. Cleaning up a massive coolant leak and repairing the cracked dash tabs.