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  1. whoa BIG BALLER alert!!! lol how'd you get so lucky??????? nope havent put the bumper on yet waiting till next season, its currently sitting in my apartment in a corner along with a sh*t load of other parts waiting for next season lol

    Nice to see your still alive!

  2. sweet did u get it on yet?

    I got a 98 s70 t5 se auto and today a 97 850 t5 auto

  3. I bought an R front bumper for a bill 20 whoo hoo i had to rub it in lol

    send me a line loser!!!!!! :p

  4. swapped the pegs for some 17" knock off nebulas bought an s70 t5 se and gna put pegs on it 2moro Need to also figure out why my compressor aint kicking in on the 855 awd
  5. Turbosleeper


    god damn i miss my w126
  6. Volvo 855 AWD TURBO
  7. Replacing radiator, cutting off exhaust and installing the obx turboback system. Swapping the 15g for a 16t. Sigh Im so lazy though =(
  8. Volvo 854 Turbo
  9. Turbosleeper

    1997 855 AWD Turbo

    1 of 214 ever made 5spd m58 Bilstein HD struts, IPD Springs OBX Strut Bar Cross drilled rear rotors