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  1. I don't know how anyone, even a Christian, can say that homosexuality is wrong or sinful. Guess what? brokeback people don't choose to be brokeback. Its just the way they are (the way God made them). Ask Grant when he decided that he wanted to prefer men to women. Not when he realized it, when he chose it. Better yet, ask yourself when you decided to be straight...Oh yeah, you didn't. Its just the way you are.
  2. I say be a complete nut and go with an understated pink. j.k. - Darkness for the win.
  3. I would honestly consider white if you had a white car. However, black would be pretty badass. Anthricite is always baller.
  4. They're pretty different. One tastes like pine trees. I drank a bunch of beer, Radagast, and some whiskey. Fantastic. I'm pretty drunk. :unsure:
  5. Please figure out a way to do it without those metal brackets in the front...I think they kill the look. Unless you want the M4d d0wNfoRcE.
  6. Dear Carson, I really like you car right now. Also, please never tint your windows. Ever. Love, Tom
  7. Looks good. But Carson, remind me again why you don't have black jewels or projectors with black housings.
  8. Holy stuff - Boomin850 and ultra_runner have the sexiest cars in da group.
  9. The thing is, we already know what most members look like due to the "what the hell do you look like thread". But this is funny anyway...
  10. Breathing is just a waste of breath... And living is just a waste of death, until its me and you, and you and me, until there's nothing left....
  11. Its probably because they feel that killing a murderer/criminal is slightly more justifiable than killing an innocent fetus. Keep in mind that this statement isn't fully supported by me, just shedding some light on the subject I guess.