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  1. This could come in very useful! I have been getting an o2 code on and off over the past few months, would be nice to be able to confirm it's not something new!
  2. Im going to try to play with some assembly finally, it's time to learn! Just have a few questions. If I want to modify a routine (using a hex editor) that makes it shorter, I'd have to take up the extra space at the end of the routine with zeros to keep all the other locations correct right? And as long as I update the checksum with tunerpro before I flash, I should be ok right?
  3. That is awesome! I've been doing some efi live work for duramax's with the dsp5 switch and was thinking it'd be awesome to have something similar for my 850! :) Is this going to be public or for sale?
  4. @DutchCanadian I'm not completely finished with it yet but I'll link to the board I'm using to prototype. I'm using an MC33290 to handle communication to the ecm. The board already has composite video output so that part was fairly easy if your radio has an aux input. I plan on using the video input for the reverse camera to display the data and then have the microcontroller toggle the reverse signal to the radio, that way you can either flip a switch and have it display all the time or have it only come on when pre-set limits are exceeded and possibly an audible beep as well. Anyhow here's the link to the board(, let me know if you want the code to make it work! :)
  5. Here is my display I did a while back on my double din!
  6. From my experience if you turn the key on then flip the boot mode switch, the fans do not run. I have flashed like that without issue but its probably not right!
  7. I finally got my MCU to communicate! looks like I need to adjust my injector constant a bit though
  8. I was going to make something like this for my double din but for some reason I can't read the data stream with my microcontroller I did get it working by reading boost pressure directly from the sensor.
  9. Would that work? The ecm is still going to see the same ratio between engine RPM and vehicle speed. Would work to detect a slipping clutch though! ;)
  10. I know this probably isn't the right thread for this but a decent deal for someone! If I knew how to do the COP mod, I'd snag them!
  11. Anyone else getting rear O2 codes even with the diagnostic for it disabled?