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  1. I love the SC-901 and the dolby sound. No way I was taking that out! The Alpine unit I found and installed is a 6 disc trunk mount changer that connects to the SC-901
  2. Not sure but this might work for you...
  3. Perfect solution, thanks! Found an Alpine CHM-S601 in one of my parts cars. Works like a champ!
  4. -459999 should be single mass 460000- should be dual mass Look for the slave cylinder, external normally has SMF
  5. The ball seat is PN9143962 The flywheel changed from single mass to dual mass in the middle of '98 on the C70, just like it did for the S/V70.
  6. Mine is very intermittent with CD's I've burned. Store bought Cd's seem to work fine. Seems like it's a very well known problem, but has anyone figured out a solution? Any brand of blank CD's that work better than others? Burning programs options?
  7. Is this the larger Billet Hybrid wheel or a billet wheel to replace the stock 6+6 wheel? I thought the Hybrid was 7+7
  8. I know you're not one to chat/blabber about things, so you have proven data to support this I guess?
  10. Mid 80's XJ6. Quick search shows a few on ebay now.
  11. I like that look also! Could always use the Jag CAI. I used a smaller battery, but turning the battery sideways works too...
  12. Since you went through this in your living room, does that mean you plan to leave the hubs attached to the cams and drop them in as a single unit? Did you put new seals on, and how do you plan to position the seals properly upon installation? Or maybe I'm missing something and you were just practicing the procedure?
  13. If the tool is identical to the Volvo tool, then there is only one way to properly install the tool, and it's very obvious. Intake slot offset above the seam Exhaust slot offset below the seam The little notches on the rear of the cams have nothing to do with setting timing
  14. Intake - above Exhaust - below What are you using to lock the cams?
  15. I've used Allied Industrial in Falls Church Va. (next to Don Beyer Volvo) to do my cylinder heads for the last 20 years. They are strictly a machine shop and don't really do any performance work. For performance work you can't go wrong with Burtonsville Performance. They are top notch.