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  1. Hussein is right normally the "A" pillar spot welds break, but I have repaired (welded) a few doors also. The sheet metal on the door itself will crack sometimes, where the door stay bolts on the door. When I repair the broken "A" pillar spot welds, I've had good luck with just drilling a 1/8" hole in the center of each of the spot welds and then tapping the hole with a 4mm x 0.7 tap. Use a large washer on each bolt (with loctite) and make sure it's good and tight.
  2. Vida shows 3 sway bar options for C70. Vida only shows the pn not the sizes. Googled the pn's and came up with the size of each bar, so not sure of the accuracy... 9173982 (marked red) 20mm 9173983 (marked yellow) 21mm 9173471 (marked yellow/blue) 21.5mm I have a C70 on the rack now with the red sway bar, so I know the 9173982 is definitely 20mm.
  3. Rn manual question

    Single mass flywheel will work fine on the RN engine with an 850R clutch.
  4. NA to turbo mod part 2

    I tried to look it up but couldn't find the terminal end. A call to Volvo came up with pn 978925. May or may not be right but worth a shot for $2 and a lot easier than trying to get the terminal out of a junk car without butchering it.
  5. NA to turbo mod part 2

    To answer your original question, yes that is all you would have to do to modify your existing harness to add the wiring for the TCV. No reason why it would set a CEL.
  6. NA to turbo mod part 2

    Just do like Simply Volvo mentioned above. You'll have to install a terminal end in B41 and run a signal wire to the TCV. You'll also need a 12V wire to the TCV. It comes from A27 in the ECU but it sends 12V to multiple spots (injectors, IAC valve, PTC resistor, MAF, etc.) via a green wire. You could just tie into any of those to get your 12V.
  7. NA to turbo mod part 2

    He has it backwards B is towards the firewall and A is towards the nose. Your car is not wired for the TCV. Looking at your picture, B41 is on the bottom row and would be the last small terminal on the left. You have a blank hole there so It's not wired for the TCV. I can also tell from the picture that you have a manual trans. No pins on terminals B2, B3, B4, B12, B20, B24, B26, and B42. Those wires connect to the TCM which you don't have.
  8. Odd tire rubbing location

    My guess is being AWD (different rear suspension) is why your car doesn't rub. I'm running the same size tires and spacers as the OP...
  9. NA to turbo mod part 2

    I just looked at a '95 NA with EGR and it also had a TCV connector plugged into a blank, like the pic I posted above. The EGR had it's own wiring, but maybe it is different for different emission versions. Best thing for the OP to do is pull the ECU and check for a connector in pin 41 of the B block. If there is a connector then the wiring is there, you just have to find it. If it's a blank hole then obviously it's not wired. Both NA's I looked at had the wiring for the TCV and the plug next to the battery.
  10. NA to turbo mod part 2

    Here is the TCV connector on a '97 NA
  11. Bad ground?

    What method was used to check the battery? Do you have a battery from another vehicle you could try temporarily?
  12. These were pulled from new XC90 prior to delivery. Customer wanted 22's instead. I have no idea how much they will take for these. Just figured I'd see if anyone was interested first. Wheels normally list for $800 a pop and tires are probably at least $200 each. Might be able to get these for a steal, but not sure.
  13. Rn swap...first time for everything!

    If you jumped these terminals the starter motor will spin but the solenoid will not push the gear out to engage with the flywheel. Try doing it this way and see what happens.
  14. Rn swap...first time for everything!

    You know checking a live circuit with an ohmmeter is a good way to fry your equipment...