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  1. Accelerometer connector on 850

    Yep, forgot the early 850's with M4.3 had it under the cowl. Early 850 with M4.3 ... Later 850 with M4.4...
  2. Accelerometer connector on 850

    850's with M4.4 have an accelerometer. Mounted on the r/f part of the subframe just below the A/C compressor.
  3. 1998 V70 AC wont shut off?

    Pull the relay out and grab a test light or voltmeter, then take a look at this diagram.
  4. 850 Manual Swap Help

  5. 850tga+ Round III

    Had a 5.0GS in a fishing boat. Performed perfectly in the Chesapeake Bay for the ten years I owned it, and is still going strong on Lake Erie for it's new owner.
  6. 1998 V70 AC wont shut off?

    Doesn't make sense, Gary. What relay did you pull? Small one in the relay box on the shock tower? That relay is between the fuse and compressor so, unless someone has done some bogus wiring, pulling the relay should definitely turn the compressor off
  7. Here's a little riddle for everyone here

    2 questions. Did you lock the cams from the rear before pulling the belt? When the cam marks lined up with the notches in the cover, were the VVT hubs preloaded or unloaded?
  8. Here's a little riddle for everyone here

    Doesn't matter what you have done in the past. Just trying to see if the gears are on correctly now. The cam gear/VVT hub needs to be installed on the cam in just the right position. If the cams are locked in the rear and you can take a clear pic of the gears (need to see the marks) with the plastic cover on top, then it will be obvious if it's right or wrong
  9. Here's a little riddle for everyone here

    Have you loosened the 3 8mm bolts or the center VVT hub bolt since you have taken the t-belt back off? DON'T YET! You have the cams locked at the back. If you haven't moved the gear or hub and can figure out how to post pics, I can tell you if it's off or not.
  10. Here's a little riddle for everyone here

    The plate the rotor attaches to needs to be straight
  11. Here's a little riddle for everyone here

    Not going to run with those compression numbers. My gut tells me the cam timing is still off. You need to fix the problem with the rotor hitting the distributor cap first. No since fixing the cam timing only to find out that you need another intake cam because the hole wasn't drilled straight. Hopefully it doesn't come to that, but address that first...
  12. Here's a little riddle for everyone here

    I've seen it happen! The slots on the back of the cams are offset so the piece that bolts on will only go on (correctly) one way, but I've seen them installed wrong. And that was by a Volvo "tech".
  13. Here's a little riddle for everyone here

    No, don't assume anything. Do a compression test. Pics while it is being disassembled, NOT after it is all apart. Crank the engine over by hand and put it on TDC. Pic of the cam gears showing the marks. Remove the cam sensor and dist. cap. Pic of the rotor button and piece behind cam sensor. Remove the pieces that bolt to the rear of the cams. Pic of the slots in the cams.
  14. Here's a little riddle for everyone here

    Post some pics when you recheck the cam timing. Maybe someone who has done this procedure many times will see something amiss.