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  1. With the cams locked and the hub turned all the clockwise, the mark on the hub should be straight up, and remain straight up while installing the belt. As long as the crank mark was lined up also, there is no way it would be off after rotating the motor over. I'd go through the procedure again and see what happens. Take some clear pics and post up what you find.
  2. Sounds like you didn't have the VVT hub pre-loaded before installing the belt. The intake is a no-brainer because it doesn't have VVT, but with the cams locked the mark on the exhaust gear should be lined up ONLY when the hub is pre-loaded to the right. The belt is then installed with the hub pre-loaded and the mark lined up. Watch this video, especially between the 7-8 minute mark. After that he doesn't really follow the procedure for tightening the belt exactly the way Vida says, but I've seen cars in my shop that were done the way he does it and they seem OK...
  3. Early RN motors used the shorter rods, same as the 850's. The longer rods started in '02.
  4. I put the Pro-Parts cables on my sons 850 and had the same results. Most everything that Pro-Parts sells is garbage...
  5. Yes and the good news is, not all salvage yards are aware of that. I picked a used K24 with low miles from a 06 S60 T5 for less than $100!!
  6. The lighting is superb! All LED lights in the car, and the headlights have what Volvo calls Active Bending Light that leads the way into a turn. The Vision package gives you a 360 view from 4 cameras, instead of just a backup camera. Couple of other small things included in the Vision package also.
  7. I think that picture may be deceiving, although I did read somewhere that it is larger than the older models. This was for my wife and she was more concerned with the color than she was with options. Haha! We originally went to look at a red T6 R-Design, but it was a little too bright red for her. She saw the blue and immediately fell in love with it! It's a T5 and has the vision and climate packages. Definitely not loaded up with options, but it's a nice car. The R-Design package makes it feel just sporty enough...
  8. 12 - pn6842188 13 - pn9135119 14 - pn972258
  9. Glad I could help you Neubar. I enjoy a good wiring challenge!
  10. The '04 gave us 12 years of good service except for a bad trans early on (under warranty), so we figured why not get another. Old and new...
  11. Hussein is right normally the "A" pillar spot welds break, but I have repaired (welded) a few doors also. The sheet metal on the door itself will crack sometimes, where the door stay bolts on the door. When I repair the broken "A" pillar spot welds, I've had good luck with just drilling a 1/8" hole in the center of each of the spot welds and then tapping the hole with a 4mm x 0.7 tap. Use a large washer on each bolt (with loctite) and make sure it's good and tight.
  12. Vida shows 3 sway bar options for C70. Vida only shows the pn not the sizes. Googled the pn's and came up with the size of each bar, so not sure of the accuracy... 9173982 (marked red) 20mm 9173983 (marked yellow) 21mm 9173471 (marked yellow/blue) 21.5mm I have a C70 on the rack now with the red sway bar, so I know the 9173982 is definitely 20mm.
  13. Single mass flywheel will work fine on the RN engine with an 850R clutch.
  14. I tried to look it up but couldn't find the terminal end. A call to Volvo came up with pn 978925. May or may not be right but worth a shot for $2 and a lot easier than trying to get the terminal out of a junk car without butchering it.
  15. To answer your original question, yes that is all you would have to do to modify your existing harness to add the wiring for the TCV. No reason why it would set a CEL.