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  1. Not something that should have been touched during a manual swap. Check to see if they are routed correctly. Here is a pic but, you're right, it's hard to see down there.
  2. Early engines (-1817652) had 7mm valve stems and later engines (1817653-) got the 6mm valve stems. Change happened sometime in '99-'00 I think. Possibly when they changed from hydraulic to solid lifters. My 2000 with solid lifters has the smaller valve stems.
  3. Look at the first pic in the link I shared. Did you remove that roll pin and lever? All of those parts you have in the housing cover should have stayed in the trans when you pulled the cover off. Look hard at the pictures in the link...
  5. I'm talking about a few hours of driving. Stayed in neighborhoods so I wouldn't get pulled over by a cop. The smoke slowly started to lessen enough that I felt ok about releasing the car to the customer. Customer said it was ok by the next day.
  6. This was my first thought. The smoke usually diminishes quickly after replacing the turbo but I did have one that had me worried, but eventually cleared up.
  7. This thread has lots of pics. Hope it helps...
  8. '96 960 is M4.4. Early 960's (up to 95) used M1.8, then M4.4 for '96 up. Look for the air pump under the hood in the r/f of the engine bay
  9. Part number for the tool is 9995456. I have one and still end up using the vise, since it is right on my workbench, when compressing the tensioner. When using the vise I just go slowly in stages. The last cars to use hydraulic tensioners are at least 20 years old now, so probably wouldn't be a bad idea to just replace the tensioner anyway. Already compressed and ready to install!
  10. Not sure but this might work for you...
  11. -459999 should be single mass 460000- should be dual mass Look for the slave cylinder, external normally has SMF
  12. The ball seat is PN9143962 The flywheel changed from single mass to dual mass in the middle of '98 on the C70, just like it did for the S/V70.
  13. Is this the larger Billet Hybrid wheel or a billet wheel to replace the stock 6+6 wheel? I thought the Hybrid was 7+7
  14. I know you're not one to chat/blabber about things, so you have proven data to support this I guess?