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  1. Non Car Photography Thread

    Some attempts at night photography...  
  2. Have a full set of beige v70r door panels in great condition for sale. Drivers door panel has one small imperfection (see pictures) but overall these are very nice. Would prefer local pick-up (20816) but will ship. Buyer pays actual shipping costs.         Close up of the small imperfection on the drivers door panel
  3. Automatic window switch

    I'm pretty sure it can be done with my Autel Maxisys Pro also. So you aren't necessarily at the mercy of the dealer. I'd be curious to know the manual procedure that Midnight Caller suggested also.
  4. Automatic window switch

    Actually not a serious problem at all, if you have a working copy of Vida. Initializing the window position can be done through Vida. Profile the vehicle, go to vehicle communications, click on DDM, click on advanced tab, and select "initializing the window position", and follow the on screen instructions. If you don't have Vida you'll be at the mercy of the dealer...
  5. I put the 850 mount in my RN mount bracket. The key is to remove the rubber part of the mount, but leave the plastic sleeve. The mount fits snuggly done this way.
  6. P0014

    No need to advance any cam to match the other cam. You might be over thinking it. Line up the marks on the gears with the marks on the cover. That's all there is to it. Never ever had to lock the cams just to replace a t-belt. Other than maybe a B230F, these are probably one of the easiest t-belts to replace...
  7. P0014

    No real difference between a P80 car with VVT and a P2 car with VVT, except the newer P2's have dual VVT. Routine T-belt procedure is the same and can be done a couple of ways. I find either way about the same, although some techs prefer #2 1) The motor can be turned clockwise by hand until you reach TDC (marks lined up) and then take the belt off. Doing it this way, yes, the VVT hub (on the exhaust cam) will turn back ccw about 2 teeth when the belt is removed. When installing the belt you will need to turn the hub cw ( yes, it's spring loaded) by hand until the mark lines up before installing the belt. 2) The motor can be turned clockwise past TDC and then backed up until the timing marks are aligned. This way when the belt is removed the VVT hub (on the exhaust cam) is no longer spring loaded and will not move. Simply line up all of the marks and install the belt. If the VVT hub has never been removed from the cam, ALL you care about when changing a t-belt is the timing marks, not the cams position. The cam will not "shift" inside the hub. With that said, I always check to make sure that the timing marks were lined up properly BEFORE removing the old belt. If some butcher has worked on the car before me, and taken the hub off at some point, then the timing could be whacked. Only thing to do in that case is start from the beginning and that would require locking the cams...
  8. P0014

    Were you just doing a routine t-belt or did you remove the hub for some reason? Can't say I've ever seen a cam shift inside the VVT hub unless the center bolt was loosened. No need to lock the cams from the rear for a routine t-belt change.
  9. How Your Car Sits

  10. How Your Car Sits

    18" from tirerack
  11. How Your Car Sits

    My son's because it's cleaner than mine......
  12. Another Rn + 20G, My 'build' Thread

    Locating tabs? What bearings are you using that have them?
  13. Another Rn + 20G, My 'build' Thread

    When shopping your local JY for used cam sensors always look for the newer style sensors which are less prone to fail.... Old style.... New style....
  14. Another Rn + 20G, My 'build' Thread

    The intermediate section uses 3 different size bolts. The largest bolts (M10) are TTY and Volvo recommends replacing them.
  15. How Your Car Sits

    After collecting dust in the garage for the last year, the 5.0 got a bath today.....