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  1. There is a K24 listed on Turbobricks now for a good price
  2. I've had that thermostat housing off so many times and have never used a torque wrench when putting it back on. Just tightening it with a 3/8 ratchet has always been fine. I think it's a 7mm bolt so 15 foot pounds or so should be good.
  3. I did the same test as you did and had the same results. The steering wheel angle did not change when turning the wheel if looking at parameters (in the BCM). If I chose to look at the parameters through the SAS (not the BCM) then yes the values do change when turning the wheel left or right. Hope this helps. Since the BCM is now back on the network have the warning lights stayed off. Maybe an intermittent problem??
  4. Probably a vacuum line, but tough to tell from that pic.
  5. Not sure if the part # changed, but the part number you want is 9146108. Old style is on the left...
  6. I would replace the cam sensor. Partly because of the break in the wiring, but mainly because there is a newer (more reliable) version available. Replace that hose also!
  7. Sorry, not looking for trades
  8. Sorry about that. I just updated the original post and also added more pics
  9. Thinking of selling the 5.0. It's rarely driven anymore and I now need the space that it occupies in the garage. Located in Bethesda, Md. Priced to sell... This is a 1990 740 that I installed a '93 Ford Mustang 5.0 in, using the Converse Engineering kit. Converse is best known for the supercharged 960 that he built for Paul Newman years ago. It was a very complete kit that included everything needed for the swap. No fabrication was needed on my part and it was a very straightforward project. I've been wrenching for 35 years (25 on Volvo) and am very particular with the work I do. Completed the project in 2003 and used the car as my DD for years until I picked up the S70 I'm driving now. Since then the car has been taking up space in the garage and been driven only occasionally. The motor was rebuilt before it went in the car and it has a few performance parts on it. Wanted it to be a reliable DD, so I didn't do much performance-wise. Small list of options include an Edelbrock Performer aluminum heads and intake manifold, Ford Motorsports headers, larger injectors, larger mass meter and t-body, and roller rockers. Engine has less than 35k miles on it. Trans is a Ford AOD automatic with a shift kit installed. Car was completely painted original color in 2006 and has been garage kept since. I removed everything (bumpers, lights, door handles, etc.) before painting and the job came out great. New bumpers were installed then also, since the original ones had faded badly. Interior is clean but nothing special. Probably much better than most cars of that year, but it does have wear on it. It does have power seats that I installed from a 760. Car is very complete and everything works, including the A/C. I've always driven this car with a dealer tag so there is no catalytic converter installed, although I do have a front muffler installed in that location. It could easily be removed to put in an aftermarket performance cat. I've added more pics. Thanks for looking!
  10. BCM isn't on the network. Notice it is grayed out? Clear the codes and refresh the network and see if it is still offline. Check for power and ground to the BCM before condemning it.
  11. If the tool is identical to the Volvo tool, then there is only one way to properly install the tool, and it's very obvious. Intake slot offset above the seam Exhaust slot offset below the seam The little notches on the rear of the cams have nothing to do with setting timing
  12. Have you checked compression?
  13. Intake - above Exhaust - below What are you using to lock the cams?
  14. I've used Allied Industrial in Falls Church Va. (next to Don Beyer Volvo) to do my cylinder heads for the last 20 years. They are strictly a machine shop and don't really do any performance work. For performance work you can't go wrong with Burtonsville Performance. They are top notch.
  15. I'm not sure but maybe he worded it wrong. He said it won't turn over, but then he did say that all of the "wheels" that the belt went over are turning. Sounds like it may be cranking but won't start (turn over?). Probably spinning very freely because it has bent valves, but we'll see what he says.