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  1. These were pulled from new XC90 prior to delivery. Customer wanted 22's instead. I have no idea how much they will take for these. Just figured I'd see if anyone was interested first. Wheels normally list for $800 a pop and tires are probably at least $200 each. Might be able to get these for a steal, but not sure.
  2. Rn swap...first time for everything!

    If you jumped these terminals the starter motor will spin but the solenoid will not push the gear out to engage with the flywheel. Try doing it this way and see what happens.
  3. Rn swap...first time for everything!

    You know checking a live circuit with an ohmmeter is a good way to fry your equipment...
  4. Rn swap...first time for everything!

    Having the car in neutral and pushing it around won't tell you anything about the motor being seized up. Don't even worry about pulling plugs or cranking it by hand. Your starter, if it were working, would make a loud clunk even if the motor were seized. You have no noise at all from the starter, it's not working. Concentrate on that at this point.
  5. Rn swap...first time for everything!

    No ground wires are hooked to the starter! The ground wire is attached to the trans, and the starter is grounded because it is bolted the trans.
  6. Rn swap...first time for everything!

    If you have power to the Green/Red push on connector when you turn the key to the start position, then the ignition switch and starter relay are doing there job. Plain and simple, when you put power to that push on connector the starter motor should operate. Obviously you have to have adequate voltage to that wire and also to the big red wires on the starter, as well as good ground connections. Make sure the battery is fully charged first. If it worked before, I would concentrate on all the connections at the battery, starter, and grounding points next. It could be a bad starter but it's very uncommon for these starters to fail, so check everything else first before replacing the starter.
  7. Rn swap...first time for everything!

    That white wire is an 850 thing. It's a fusible link wire that sends constant power to the cooling fan relay. It is common to be mistaken as a ground wire, and when that wire on an 850 isn't connected properly to the starter the cooling fan doesn't run and the car overheats. Your S70's cooling fan relay gets power from a fuse in the fuse box under the hood, so there is no white wire on your starter.
  8. A-Pillar Gauge Pod for Volvo 850

    Did Mat hook you up? I have one if you still need it
  9. Maybe he's referring to the evap system? I've heard the evap valve called an ELCD on a Saab
  10. Window replacement

  11. K24 Power Limits

    Here is my dyno graph for my car with K24 311whp/363wtq. I had a similar "peak/dip" as the graphs posted by Aaron and ErikS. Mine was caused by a boost oscillation. You can see the boost peak / then drop / then recover in the log I did on the dyno. I had major problems trying to control the K24 with M4.4 (turbotuner). I'm sure Aaron has been able to overcome this with his tuning, but for me, switching to an EBC straightened the boost right out and it's now rock solid.