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  1. I bought one recently to record fishing trips. Just now started playing around with it on the car. I'm not sure how much better the Hero 2 is compared to the original Hero, but if you don't mind last years model, you can get a decent price here...http://www.bhphotovi...s=REG&A=details
  2. Sucks Hussein. Hopefully you'll be able to salvage most of your investment. Looking at your logs when the clutch was slipping, it really doesn't look like the rev limiter even attempted to cut fuel. I'm sure most have felt it, but this is what the log looks like when fuel is cut.... I know with the big turbo, custom intake, and big cams the car probably feels sweet winding out to 8400rpm, and sounds amazing. My question, which could have been answered if the car had made it to the dyno at Carlisle is....Are you really making power all the way up to 8400rpm?
  3. You've been using TT a lot longer than I have, so are you're comparing it to your previous logs? What I've noticed on my logs is that at part load, my AFR's do exactly what yours are doing. Looks like the ECU is trying to maintain stoich (until you really put a load on the engine), bouncing around in the 14.7 range. I just assumed that was normal, because as soon as put a higher load on the engine, AFR's respond by going richer. I agree it's too rich under load, but you'll get that straight I'm sure.
  4. Yeah, I only tested it on 850/X70's, but in theory it should work also with 960's and S/V90's. I just looked at the schematic for the 960/SV90, and it looks like the pinouts are the same.
  5. I'm away a couple of days fishing, and all of this has been accomplished when I get back. AMAZING!
  6. May want to use the stock washer reservoir for the meth. and using the "cut down" tank for washer fluid. The original reservoir also has the level sensor that will warn you when the meth is low.
  7. The SAS mod works on cars with Motronic 4.4. '96 was a split year, turbos were all M4.3 (I think) and N/A's could go either way. Don't think M4.3 used an air pump. If the car has an air pump, it's M4.4 and the mod should work.
  8. A lot of talk about the '04 and later engines having "better" internals. I know your using RSI rods for your build, and I would too considering your goals, but could you post a picture of the stock rod from the '04 engine next to the stock rod from the '98. Do they really have more "beef" to them, or is it just a myth?
  9. Pretty sure it was Kristian, look through his thread.
  10. Good meeting you, Neubar. Love your "Bluecar". My car is always at the shop, stop by any time. I'll let you know tomorrow about Friday.
  11. Wasn't a fan at first, but I've become attached to my 419....
  12. That's a bummer There's no doubt you'll be back.....I'm sure the new build thread will be bigger and badder than ever! :tup:
  13. Wouldn't it be a "perfect world" if we all could... Looks like you got a few other goodies also :lol:
  14. Thanks for the upgrade Che'! Much appreciated. There was some question as to whether or not readiness could be established with this mod. Others have said it would, but I had never checked any of the cars I personally did. I recently checked them and the answer is YES, readiness monitors are all set. Good job on the videos BTW, your soldering skills are > mine :D
  15. Seems to be running great right now! Any thoughts of getting it back on a dyno? What do you think about the accuracy of the IAT's? Just seems really low, especially at higher rpm's.
  16. That is strange. You would think if no changes were made to the fuel map, that ADDING boost would result in leaner readings. That would make the most sense. May want to do a few more pulls and see how it acts.
  17. Looks good H! That's a big improvement in 60-100mph times Now I'm really tempted to lean mine out some more.
  18. It looks like adding the header and new intake has given you a tuning "challenge" I know you'll get it worked out. Timing is still looking good :tup:
  19. WOW!! You like to wind it up tight, don't you I know you lowered boost a little, but did you make any other changes that helped with the timing issues you were having? Looking back at your logs, it looks like your 60-100mph times are getting better also. My best is just about 6 seconds, but you're carrying quite a bit more weight with the XC than I am :D
  20. You have the same adjustable FPR as I do. Definitely raise fuel pressure. More fuel delivered should equal lower duty cycles.
  21. Like a felon! I watch too much TV Bumper is coming along nicely :tup:
  22. I'm a fan of the "Scandalo " bumper also. What did you use to re-fasten the cut pieces? Fiberglass/Bondo mixture like Gorilla Hair? I've got a scrap XC bumper, I might give it a try....