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  1. My shop in Maryland. Cars on top are mostly junkers/parts cars, and cars underneath are customers cars. Space in Bethesda is limited, that's why the car stackers. Oh yeah, and the stackers are on the roof of our shop. The car is fairly clean. Definitely not worth what he paid for it.
  2. A customer of mine just bought this yellow. Any chance the previous owner is a VS member? Anybody recognize this car?
  3. I know you're not one to chat/blabber about things, so you have proven data to support this I guess?
  5. Mid 80's XJ6. Quick search shows a few on ebay now.
  6. I like that look also! Could always use the Jag CAI. I used a smaller battery, but turning the battery sideways works too...
  7. Some attempts at night photography...
  8. You're probably right, the tech would have never admitted he screwed up. You wouldn't believe some of the lame stories my techs tell me to try and cover there ass. Most of the time I'll re-do the job myself so I can see what really happened, since it's my reputation that's on the line.
  9. If the shop owner did tell you those things ahead of time, you should have given them the opportunity to fix it. Who cares what the tech said. Obviously he didn't want to do the job again and work for free, but the owner makes the decisions.
  10. The solenoid valve doesn't occupy much space. Almost seems silly to remove it and replace it with a resistor that's almost as big....
  11. #18 in the parts schematic is the solenoid valve. I left the solenoid valve on the car with the connector plugged in. Others have removed the solenoid valve and attached a 30ohm resistor to the connector.
  12. 65 Nm - 48 lb-ft according to Johann's write-up.....
  13. You're using the RN oil pan, right? Did you replace all of the seals inside the pan, specifically the 2 seals on the pipe inside the pan?
  14. Left leg getting tired? What clutch did you decide to go with?
  15. My son's because it's cleaner than mine......
  16. Locating tabs? What bearings are you using that have them?
  17. When shopping your local JY for used cam sensors always look for the newer style sensors which are less prone to fail.... Old style.... New style....
  18. The intermediate section uses 3 different size bolts. The largest bolts (M10) are TTY and Volvo recommends replacing them.
  19. After collecting dust in the garage for the last year, the 5.0 got a bath today.....
  20. The relay has to stay, but you could probably do away with that big ass relay and use the much smaller relay from an X70. The small relay wouldn't be plug-n-play (you would need to wire it correctly), but it's much smaller and could be hidden easily.
  21. That's the air pump relay. The blue wire from the air pump should be unplugged, but the other 2 connectors stay connected. Also that relay is known to fail, so that could be the problem also.....
  22. The relay that the blue wire from the air pump plugs into.