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  1. Whats up Princess where did you go

  2. 12 monkeys had sex with a stripper. She then as$ raped them with a banana. Then the banana got clymidia. How did that happen???

    One of the monkey's was a clam stuffer. hahahahahaha, I just made that sh!t up.

  3. lol your a joker,

    tell me a joke! im sad

  4. Haha, poop is offensive to some with no taste. I like seeing a giant turd. And i'm drawing you a picture in ms paint of what a squirrel chode tastes like. Sh!t will be epic

  5. poke* ???? Um Mr. administrator im 29 years old i dont need my sh*t censored lol

  6. “Hey, where are you going? Come back here, you b*tches! I already paid for you! Cheaters! I made a deal with your parents, why do you disobey me?” giggity giggity

  7. whoa your aat my front door? let me go check........:)

  8. Tag your it!

    P.S only you would know what squirrel chodd tastes like lol

  9. hey whats up thanks for the comment :)

    lol you play the flute......any stories that start off "1 day at bad camp" lol ;P

  10. when the poke is this rain gonna stop so i can work on my mother f*ckin ride! Boo Jebus Boo!

  11. thanks for the comment newbie ;P

  12. hahah, you're alive. I'm sorry, I still haven't posted nudie pics on my profile page. A&W weenies taste like squirrel chode

  13. YO YO YO PEACE! hahahahahahahah im bored