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  1. faulty we miss you come back!

  2. Yeah. There's a thing to switch to the normal version somewhere. (It used to be at the bottom on the old mobile thing) My iPhones are both up stairs, so I couldn't say exactly where it is.. Though I check last night, and it looks great on iPhone OS 3.1.2 and iPhone OS 4 Beta 4!
  3. Wouldn't it be cheaper (and less of a PITA) to just throw in an after-market head unit?
  4. What are you raising it to?? I'm just throwing the MBC wide open. (Worse case, the ECU will get pissed and fuel-cut, but the tune should fix that.) I'm really interested to see how far that 15G can go before it reaches the max turbine pressure. (Without having compressor surge, anyways.)
  5. I'd say this pic just about sums up what was done to my car today!