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  1. Using TunerPro RT? Also, the M4.4 ECU I am using is from a LPT car, not sure if that makes a difference (I figure it doesn't since the bin is for a T5 car). Not sure why it would do this on a stock setup. Charge hoses and vac lines are all silicone. Plugs are gapped right and fairly new.
  2. Recently noticed something on my 4.4 ECU w/ 607_rev5b bin. When giving it throttle under load the CEL will flash, which I know is set up for knock detection (and misfires). It's inconsistent and didn't happen until just recently. Seems to happen over 3k RPM and usually not present in the upper rev range (under WOT). Otherwise car runs great and isn't tripping any CELs that stick. What should my next step be?
  3. Search for "FT232RL" on eBay. There are $10 ones that work fine.
  4. Had that happen as well. Removed the axle nut and it came apart in half. Didn't have a new one so I packed it with some synthetic grease and put it back together. Worked fine for a week actually.
  5. T-5R playing cards. Found these at an estate sale. Never seen them before. The cards themselves are mint, but the box is a bit shelf worn. Has the backside of a yellow on the other side of the box.
  6. Still running the Tektros, but switched pads to the Kool Stop salmon colored pads (slide right into the Tektro holder, which is a clone of the Dura-Ace holder). Much better braking Very happy with it for now. May upgrade the calipers later, though.
  7. Not too familiar with Kestrel. Are the frames bad?
  8. That's a killer deal. You can get a few year old (still new, though) 105 bike for $1500 + tax. A few year old bike w/ Ultegra would probably run you closer to $1800. If I were looking for a new bike, I would get this.
  9. Super useful. And you don't end up beating up the cross nut with vicegrips like you normally would.
  10. There is a 15-day period here, too. At least that's what the PD and insurance co. told me. My situation sounds near identical to yours. I hope that rear-ending someone and fleeing from the scene of an accident is an immediate sign of guilt. Sure as heck seems like it. PD told me that what they did is a misdemeanor, which is essentially a slap on the wrist.
  11. Thank you for your concern I've been rear ended before (much harder) and it definitely takes a beating out of your neck, even at slow speeds.
  12. Definitely puts a damper on an otherwise good day. Very good imprint of their license plate on the rear bumper in the painted section. Bumper is about 2" lower than normal. Looks like the driver side quarter panel has a bit of a crease in it too. Insurance said it should be easy to take care of (insurance wise). Police report exists already and they are on a lookout for the car.
  13. Got rear ended by a piece of shit that fled the scene. Got out and took a photo of them and their license plate before they fled, though. Rear ending + fleeing scene of an accident = almost immediately guilty. Cunt.
  14. Did you snap yours off? Without a doubt an incredibly stupid design, considering that if it breaks you could lose all your coolant. After I broke mine (replacing hoses), I had to by-pass it with radiator hose and some clamps while waiting for that part.
  15. Makes sense, I've read that it trickles down through the years. I'll have to keep an eye out on the year when looking at parts. The Tektro brakes aren't bad, per se, but if I can get a noticeable improvement it's something I want to consider.
  16. Makes sense. How big of a difference do pads make? I've read good things about Kool Stop Salmon pads.
  17. My 2012 Cannondale Supersix 5 105. Despite being all 105 equipped, the brakes are Tektro. Worth changing to 105 or Ultegra brakes?
  18. Changed the starter motor for a brand new BOSCH one. Pretty easy to do once you remove the fan shroud assembly. Now the starter sounds different. It does start faster, however.
  19. I'm going to assume that since it is satellite based, you need a fairly unobstructed view of the sky, so redwood forests are going to be its Achilles' heel.
  20. Everyone has been talking about the Snabb intake pipe. Worth the monies?
  21. Hose with an in-line icepack? That's pretty awesome. Only photo I could find of mine (from many years ago), the one on the right.
  22. Nice! +1 on the mirrors and +1 on a Mya hookah. Pics of yours? I've had mine for a little over 8 years now and it's going strong as ever.
  23. In nearly all cases prime lenses will be sharper, and thus are preferred over zoom lenses. While they are slightly less versatile, they are faster (larger aperture) and sharper. A friend has the Nikon 500mm f/4 and the shots he gets out of it are Natgeo worthy.