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  1. 16 hours ago, supercowboy said:

    log it, look at the replay of the data log. Look where you see the knock happen. find the load and rpm part of the map. Drop the timing down a bit. simple.  remember to data log and watch the logs. This will tell you what the car is doing. 

    Using TunerPro RT?

    Also, the M4.4 ECU I am using is from a LPT car, not sure if that makes a difference (I figure it doesn't since the bin is for a T5 car).  Not sure why it would do this on a stock setup.  Charge hoses and vac lines are all silicone.   Plugs are gapped right and fairly new.

  2. Recently noticed something on my 4.4 ECU w/ 607_rev5b bin.  When giving it throttle under load the CEL will flash, which I know is set up for knock detection (and misfires).  It's inconsistent and didn't happen until just recently.   Seems to happen over 3k RPM and usually not present in the upper rev range (under WOT). Otherwise car runs great and isn't tripping any CELs that stick.

    What should my next step be? 

  3. Ha, I literally just did both my front wheel bearings too. My front right was so bad, when I took the axle nut off the whole bearing assembly came out in pieces. Make sure you have some thread-locker for the wheel bearing bolts. 

    Had that happen as well.  Removed the axle nut and it came apart in half.  Didn't have a new one so I packed it with some synthetic grease and put it back together.  Worked fine for a week actually.

  4. Serge, what brakes did you settle on?

    Still running the Tektros, but switched pads to the Kool Stop salmon colored pads (slide right into the Tektro holder, which is a clone of the Dura-Ace holder). Much better braking Very happy with it for now. May upgrade the calipers later, though.

  5. Ehh, that's still a piece of shit Kestrel. I've owned and worked on them. Super mehhhhhh

    For a couple hundred more you can get on a bike shop bicycle with a fit, real warranty, and genuine support. LBS has a Cervelo for $2k right now, full 105, and I'm sure they would come off that price.

    Not too familiar with Kestrel. Are the frames bad?

  6. That's a killer deal. You can get a few year old (still new, though) 105 bike for $1500 + tax. A few year old bike w/ Ultegra would probably run you closer to $1800. If I were looking for a new bike, I would get this.

  7. When I was in a hit and run it took roughly 20 days to find her guilty.

    But in FL apparently there's some BS that they have to wait for the other party to respond, or fail to respond in a certain time frame.

    2 calls, and 2 letters later they ruled her fault.

    Soon as she ran into me I got out called her a few names and took a photo of her plate.

    We were in the median so obviously we had to get out of the median. Went to meet at the store across, I got there, she drove right by.

    Police report, license plate, description of car, and 20 days later her insurance admitted her at fault and paid the bill.

    There is a 15-day period here, too. At least that's what the PD and insurance co. told me. My situation sounds near identical to yours. I hope that rear-ending someone and fleeing from the scene of an accident is an immediate sign of guilt. Sure as heck seems like it. PD told me that what they did is a misdemeanor, which is essentially a slap on the wrist.

  8. Shit, that sucks. Sorry to hear. Whats the damage?

    Definitely puts a damper on an otherwise good day.

    Very good imprint of their license plate on the rear bumper in the painted section. Bumper is about 2" lower than normal. Looks like the driver side quarter panel has a bit of a crease in it too.

    Insurance said it should be easy to take care of (insurance wise). Police report exists already and they are on a lookout for the car.

  9. it all depends on the year.

    Dura ace 2012 turns into Ultegra 2013 turns into 105 2014. follow?

    so depending on the year, will tell you tech.

    i'm in my office cleaning my CX bike and see i have the tekto's. Now they are Canty's but the shimano stuff blows these away.

    no single pad as ever stood out to me. I ask for whats the best for my type of riding and set up.

    Makes sense, I've read that it trickles down through the years. I'll have to keep an eye out on the year when looking at parts.

    The Tektro brakes aren't bad, per se, but if I can get a noticeable improvement it's something I want to consider.

  10. If you still have cell service, you're doing it wrong :P

    I'm far from a heavy phone user. But I don't get the idea of turning a phone off for the sake of it unless it's like a business phone that won't stop ringing. Taking a single call, or answering an email, or browsing the web for a few minutes doesn't really take away from the experience. It's all down to self control. Don't glue your phone to your hands.

    Speaking of outdoor gizmos, anyone have any experience with the SPOT products?

    I really like the idea, but the whole service plan thing reminds me of cellphone plans from 2001. We do all this cool stuff (extra fees may apply). I want something that tracks me so when I bust my face on a rock people can find me. And their site says it isn't reliable in very dense woods. So, red wood forest dense? Or typical New England woods dense? Looks like it costs $300 total for the first year + $150/year after.

    I'm going to assume that since it is satellite based, you need a fairly unobstructed view of the sky, so redwood forests are going to be its Achilles' heel.