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  1. * Coolant flush with distilled water (yes, I know, it's unnecessary) until clear. * Drained and flushed at the heater core. * Installed the improved eBay heatercore. Re-used the OEM o-rings and they leaked. Re-installed with the supplied o-rings and no issues. No more smell! * Filled with Volvo coolant mixed with distilled water. * Swapped passenger side axle for a rebuilt Raxles axle. No more clicking/ticking!
  2. I like them! Not wheels that you see too often, unless you consider them mini Pegs.
  3. Glad you guys like them. I wanted to get a set of Meteors since I am quite fond of the Comets, but didn't find anything. Saw these Satellites for sale and decided to get them. Some rash on the lip, but the face is pretty good. Tires are a bit hard for my taste (BFG g-force Super Sport), but since they were practically new I'll ride on them until I need new tires. Indeed. It's rough here. Even with Koni Yellow shocks on the softest setting, every variation in the road is felt. I had 17s for a while and it was painful.
  4. You are correct. My Raxles rebuilt boot has been going strong, through-and-through. Unless something actually tears through it, it should last decades.
  5. I wonder, to keep boots in okay shape, would it make sense to use something like Aerospace 303 or another conditioner on them? It seems like a regular wear item, but with some protection could last longer.
  6. That should the least difficult thing to get, now that you got the wheels. Mind sharing how much you got this lot for? I'm assuming under $1k?
  7. I use Mother's California Gold Ultimate paste wax. Comes in a large tin and works very well. There are tons of products out there and they all do well, but I've grown quite fond of this wax. A glaze is intended to fill in tiny swirl marks and further reduce their appearance after doing a polish, whereas the wax is intended to protect and seal the finish. This time around I didn't have time for a glaze, but I use Poorboy's "Black Hole" (used for darker cars). Here is an example of how Poorboy's "Black Hole" glaze performs:
  8. Dawn wash, light claybar on trouble spots, machine polish and hand wax. Skipped the glaze due to time contraints.
  9. OEM axles from the dealer are rebuilt and need an OEM core (same for Raxles). If you need one, you can usually find one at the junk yard.
  10. Replaced this POS that tore. EGR hose that goes to the solid line. Had a nearly exact hose laying around in the parts bin. The lifetime autozone ones go after about a year. Despite having a great warranty, having to swap out axles on an annual basis would get annoying. Get a quality original rebuilt axle (from Raxles, as you mentioned).
  11. Is the axle bad or is just the boot torn? If the axle is still good, get a new boot and call it a day.
  12. Yep. I lean forward in lieu of turning my head. Despite having the wide angle mirrors, I still do it out of habit.
  13. I'll tell everyone a secret about DDM, VVME, Morimoto, etc. They are all the same for the most part. There are quite a few manufacturers in China that make ballasts, but the designs and internals are generally identical. If the ballasts have a similar outside appearance, likely it's the same inside. I've been talking to HID manufacturers in China for many years now and there is little difference between their parts Just get good quality used OEM parts, they'll last a long time.
  14. If you can pluck a good condition 850 dash (less dash pad) with the darkwood trim, I will pay for it and to have it shipped.
  15. Drats, for $675 I would have grabbed a factory dash with wood trim, but jumping up to $2000? Jebus. Just checked the prices... for the 850 with grey interior no wood trim it's $556.00, add the wood trim it's $1854.36. For a bit of wood veneer and some clear coat?
  16. With the factory wide angle mirrors, the transition is nearly seamless. There is a line that designates where the wide portion starts allowing you to easily judge where vehicles are. Not to mention, you can barely tell it is there. I have passengers ask me about the little dots on the mirror, but few people notice. The little stick on circle mirrors look aftermarket
  17. Have both the passenger and driver side OEM wide angle mirror. Once you start using it, you will never go back to a standard mirror. Not sure why they aren't standard on cars. I still check my blind spot, but they add that little bit of safety.
  18. It's pretty awesome. Although here's a funny thing. If you put the same color LEDs into both the info display and the gauge cluster, the gauge cluster will be more red. The photo does not show it well, but in a completely dark environment, the gauges are red compared to the orange of the info display. I put in amber LEDs into the gauge cluster and it more closely matches. These LEDs always work well for me:
  19. Finished it last night, since I am not fond of having to remove the dash pad (although it takes only 10 minutes, I don't like doing it). I also put in different drop in 194 LEDs into the gauge cluster. In the last photo they match perfectly, but once I put them into the car the color was much more red, despite the LEDs being identical in color. Going to put amber LEDs back in since they more closely match. Old protoboard done by hand on top. New etched board on the bottom. One of the LEDs on the old board was burnt (I overpowered it) and flickering sometimes. New board sitting in the info display backlight assembly. Diffuser put back in place. Installed in the gauge cluster.
  20. ASUS RT-N series routers are great. I have the RT-N16 and it's been a workhorse. Threw DD-WRT on it and it has served me well.
  21. A binder and slipcase for archival purposes. Lighthouse VARIO-G in green. Solid binders made in Germany. I collect business ephemera, billheads and bond/stock certificates from the late 19th century.