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  1. Definitely seen it but Darn is it funny!
  2. Hot! Pics when you get them. Oh and /me clicks banner.
  3. <-- PICS!
  4. D'oh, that must suck dude. But hey, you made it!
  5. Yeah, it's pretty nasty but should get better.. I hope.
  6. Absolutely. It's a bit cloudy right now, but the report said it'll be sunny most of the day with exception of the morning hours.
  7. Greenchunks might come, and he's RWD. Modification isn't the criterion for the meet :)
  8. Oh yeah, bring it. I have 2002 C, but 2003 F would be nice to have. I'll just copy it as an ISO to my laptop and burn the DVD later.
  9. Including you, 7. I'm a trying to get Steve to come.
  10. Definitely sounds like a good idea, just wish I had some things to trade But yeah, I'm am excited that so many people are going to meet up.
  11. Oh for sure! We have more than enough people for a meet... should be good times. If anyone has trouble getting there, call me , I've had more BBQs there than I can remember.
  12. Oh cool. Yeah, it's in SF. 20 minute drive from Oakland (okay, I'm lying.. it takes longer to get across the Bay Bridge ).
  13. Good point. However, two meets are better than one :)
  14. I know, but that's in Santa Cruz. An extra hour to drive :)
  15. Hmm. We'll see how many people can go, if it's best for the weekend after the 13th, then that sounds good as well. Just have to see how the weather is.
  16. Meet was a success! Pics here: Anyone in the Bay Area up for one? The weather should be superb this entire week all the way into the following weekend. I am thinking a BBQ or something at Bakers Beach? Location: Bakers Beach. Near upper parking lot @ Battery Chamberlin Road. Click for map. Date: Saturday, March 12, 2005 When: Noonish (~12PM) What to bring: sodas, chips, brooskies, BBQ meat, digicams, gfs (), etc.. What I'll bring: charcoal, BBQ stick thingies, sodas, digicam, etc... If you have trouble getting there or are there and can't find me/us Attendees: * LK (duh) * 96DTM850 * junibunie * NEA * Greenchunks * yangotang Possible attendees: * VOLVO S70
  17. Got a question... is it possible that instead of getting a mail addy, I just get a larger PM box? I get lots of PMs and many I prefer to keep.
  18. The new version features are nice... but I'm not too fond of the uber-blue color scheme.