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  1. Peltor 97010 hearing protection. Designed for shooting, but I'd be using them for power tools and whatnot. Reason = don't want to go deaf.
  2. That's awesome. I really just need to find a new 850 to keep pristine that hasn't been molested.
  3. Will do. Should arrive this week. They say it's in like new and uncirculated condition. Looking at some scans of the pages, it makes me want a virgin, unmodified, low mileage 850. Maybe there is one in a barn somewhere?
  4. Not sure why, but bought this. 34-page brochure from 1997.
  5. This stuff is awesome. Use it as a general quick detailer, too.
  6. How about this one.. if not already mentioned. Hand's free mobile phone kit for the 850 (also applies to S70s):
  7. Original timer for the 850? Anyone know what it's for?
  8. Lian-Li PC-9F. Full aluminum mid tower case. 2x 120mm fans up front, 1x 120mm fan in back. PSU on the bottom. Front ports located on the top.
  9. Lots of negative reviews about them all over the internet. Beware.
  10. Yes, I know, I bought some HID kit ballasts. One of my ballasts for the fogs (H3C bulbs) took a crap. $23 shipped for a pair. Waterproof apparently.
  11. Ate rear pads for the 850. $29.81 shipped 2nd day through Amazon Prime.
  12. That would be perfect for a server room. Separate bins for power supplies, HDs, terminal cables, etc.
  13. Good find. I probably didn't see it because I looking for solely Prime eligible items. Glad so many people like this! I'm stoked to receive mine.
  14. WTF. They raised the price to keep the item from selling for now (probably low on stock).
  15. At first I found them on Amazon Prime for $215 shipped, which was a good deal then I found this: I might pick up more, since the bins alone are worth the $139. I went to The Container Store and buying some of the bins alone was going to be $10/each. These average out to $6.27 if you are just getting it for the bins.
  16. Ballasts, bulbs, and other Xenon parts. Steadily outgrowing a little corner in my garage and nearly half the garage is now full of boxes, shipments, supplies, etc.
  17. $138.49 shipped. To organize inventory. Comes with all the bins pictured. 54" x 36" x 14".