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  1. Nice. I've been transitioning from using regular quick detailer to a wax-as-you-dry spray which works exceptionally well and leaves the paint smooth.
  2. Pretty awesome. Induction ftw. How much did that run you?
  3. Carwash with $10 with a Livingsocial deal, $29 normally. Not sure how many places this works in, but they rolled out in SF right now. It's basically a mobile carwash (rinseless) that you can schedule and pay for online. Also, picking up my newly painted R bumper (another one, new from dealer).
  4. Anyone want 2 free brand new white "Eibach Springs" stickers? Unused, friend bought them a long time ago and never used them. About 6" x 2". Would look like this. If you want it, just let me know and I'll send it off for free.
  5. Under a grand seems like a good deal, too. $600 is definitely worth it if you watch a lot of movies. Sound makes a huge difference.
  6. Good stuff! Integration with Amazon Prime is supposed to be awesome, which is one reason I'd get it. My iPad just sits around half the time and I only rarely use it (mostly due to the size), so I've always wanted a smaller Android tablet that I can just toss around.
  7. Loved it. Stupid spoiled brat kids need to respect their parents.
  8. Regarding the roof racks. Why not just use the OEM load bars that go onto the roof? No drilling or anything.
  9. Before: During: After: Yay more workbench space.
  10. Good work! I have a unit that does up/down for two windows (Directed T310 or something). Problem is that it is a bit too big to fit in the center console. I tested it and it works fine, but when it came to hiding the unit, ran into some trouble. Probably going to fit it behind the dash next time I have it out. That way I can also insulate it with foam so you don't hear the relays clicking.
  11. Polished out a 3" long scuff on the rear left door (near the B-pillar) left by a hipster on a fixy bike that ran into my car yesterday. Was able to take out 95% of the scuff, but some wet sanding will be required. Unfortunately, it left a crease along the scuff as well. PDR should fix it, though.
  12. I now have the school of thought that if you can get a brand new OEM interior panel, it is much better than getting a used one from a yard (unless you can't find any or it is cost prohibitive). A used panel will probably never be perfect. Yangotang tells me.. "Do you just buy new parts so you can get upset when they get damaged?"
  13. Lots of blue boxes. Interior panels, suspension bits, and one of the last new radiator fan shrouds ever made (production year in 1990).
  14. First time my car has seen this much snow, ever. It's always been a Bay Area car and I barely took it out into a snowy area. So glad I have winter mats in.
  15. I've read good things about them, especially about them on these cars. I'm happy with them, thus far. Going to see how they perform over the next week (going to Tahoe, have snow chains of course).
  16. 4x Continental ExtremeContact DWS installed. Really like these tires so far. Much more quiet and softer than the Falken ZE-912s I'm used to having. Okay deal, too ($630 installed).
  17. Interesting. Here the only thing that's separately picked up is the compost bin. Recycling and trash are picked up at the same time at a fairly consistent time (Friday for me, ~10am). Compost bin truck arrives no more than an hour after that.
  18. I'm hoping my Oreilly/Kragen reman axle lasts. The EMPI one it replaced was shot. A good 20 degrees of rotational play on the inner joint. Once I replaced it, so many things became better. No more clicking when turning, no more clunk when the transmission shifts up (while coasting), no more vibration. The EMPI ones are junk.
  19. It was actually $35.50. Brand new, lots of them available. Best deal I've found online. The 10mm will probably get the most use. Every other bolt in these cars is 10mm.
  20. Not the best thing in the world, but they were $30 shipped for the set (new). For the amount of use they'll get, I'm happy. Sick of having to use open end wrenches in tight spaces.
  21. 3 years on the remanufactured ones. I called to find out. O'reilly/Kragen has lifetime warranty on their remans.
  22. Replaced the passenger side axle with a rebuilt from O'reilly's. The EMPI one from FCP was so jacked up. Tons of play when turning the inner joint. No more vibration when accelerating, no more clicking when turning, no more pulling to the side. Replaced the CBV with an OEM Mitsubishi one. Original CBV was actually in very good shape, no tears or problems. Mitsubishi part came with the stock spring, so I figure it won't hurt. Replaced a vac line going from the BCS to the exhaust side of the turbo (under the CBV).
  23. SSD will be the best bang-for-the-buck upgrade. You can get a 120GB SSD for ~$120 these days. Put your traditional drive as a slave so you can store larger files on it (music, games, etc).
  24. Don't believe that CF cards are rated in class levels like SD. 400x = 60MB/sec. I have the same card in 133x in my 7D now, that's rated for 20MB/sec. Records 30fps 1080p without issues, so the 400x will be even better.